Prime Minister Morawiecki – DRUTEX guest


On 24 August Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited DRUTEX S.A. headquarters – the leading producer of window woodwork in Europe. During his visit, the Chief Executive emphasized the product innovativeness and  scale of operations of the company. He also mentioned the government Plan for Responsible Development that promotes innovative products.

During the visit, the Prime Minister learned about DRUTEX production, the applied technology and novelties such as Smart Window – the interactive window that allows to present multimedia content. The Prime Minister also had a possibility to talk to the staff, appreciating their contribution to the whole Polish economy.

We promote innovative products, and here I had an opportunity to see how innovative and custom-made they are. DRUTEX has vast experience in sales on numerous European and global markets. I wish such companies expansion on other markets – more, higher, further. I congratulate you on what you have managed to build – said the Prime Minister  Mateusz Morawiecki.

I am honored by the visit of Mr. Prime minister. I am delighted to hear that the chief of the Polish government enjoyed the company, as well as the factory, the organization of production, and, most importantly, our products. We are a Polish company with Polish capital, present on the market for over 30 years. We continuously implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions that aim at further strengthening of DRUTEX market position. Currently, we are the leading producer of vertical windows in Europe, but we aim higher. Our company, as well as our products that we sell in Europe, the USA, Mexico and Australia, showcase Poland worldwide. And DRUTEX brand today stands for modernity, top quality and professionalism – said Leszek Gierszewski, the President of the Board at DRUTEX S.A.

The visit of the Prime Minister accompanied by  the government spokesperson Piotr Mueller, was the first high-level visit at DRUTEX. The visit of the Prime Minister is a huge event for all the company, and the words of appreciation constitute motivation for further success and operations on even larger scale – added Leszek Gierszewski.

Drutex with new record sales.

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