A whip-round for windows

Do you own a flat in a condo? Check on what conditions you can replace the windows.

Replacing windows is an important investment which significantly increases the flat comfort. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap thing to do. In case of a single family house the situation is obvious – we will have to cover all the costs connected with the renovation, and nobody will relieve us in this task. How about condo flats, whose owners each month pay substantial amounts towards the common renovation funds? Can they count on a grant-aid when replacing windows?


Normally they can, however, we need to check first what renovation rules are applied in our condo. Condos have various policies towards replacing windows. Some of them do not allow for individual replacement, they replace the woodwork successively in all flats themselves. Others do not replace anything and they do not offer any grant-aid, and some refund the replacement of windows. The strategy of our condo depends on the provisions in the statutes or a resolution of the General Meeting of board members. The money for window replacement grant-aid may come from many sources – budget surplus, special-purpose assets or renovation fund.
Generally window replacement in a condo flat (if it is possible) requires, first of all, filling in an application for the arrival of a qualifying committee (our flat must not be debt-laden!). After our windows have been qualified for replacement we need to wait for the housing association decision. The decision will determine i.a. the detailed replacement conditions and the amount we will receive for buying new windows. Normally the condos contribute 75% of the value of the window (25% is our contribution). It is worth remembering – we need to order windows which have identical colour and division to other windows in the block, otherwise the housing association will be entitled to withhold the payment, and also may require the removal of the window. Usually, when we replace windows we have to repair and paint the facade according to the required colour range, at our own expense. We have 6 months to complete the work. Then we need to wait for the window committee who will check if we have fulfilled all the conditions. If so – we are waiting for the money transfer.

In this respect, unfortunately, we face a bit of a free-for-all. Some condos transfer the money within a few months, others – make us wait even a few years! It all depends on the financial situation of our housing association.

We can see, therefore, that replacing windows in a condo flat is not an easy task. All the more reason to spare some time and energy to choose a window which will serve us infallibly for many years to come. It is worth using DRUTEX S.A. offer, whose cutting-edge IGLO windows are available in a number of shapes and a wide range of colours. The choice between 43 colours allows to match the window to any interior. IGLO ENERGY window has the heat transfer level at Uw=0,6 W/(m2K)*. It means that its energy efficiency is 100 times higher than the technical norms! As a result it may be easily used also in passive and energy-efficient buildings. What is more, it is the world-first PVC window with the innovative sealing system made of foam EPDM**, which guarantees warmth in all conditions. And how about water tightness, wind resistance and air tightness? No worries, IGLO ENERGY window has top results and beats the competition. Such high window parameters will come in handy also in flats made of prefabricated concrete panels which normally have rather poor insulation. This is an investment with very quick return.


 *for a window of 1230 mm x1480 mm according to tests by CSI in the Czech Republic

**patent application


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