DRUTEX closes this year participation in international fair trades with flying colors.


DRUTEX has marked its strong presence this year in five leading international trade fairs in construction business. As a result, the company has strengthened its position at important European markets and it took the advantage to showcase its new products.


Already in January this year, DRUTEX was present at BAU the leading construction trade fair in Munich. The industry exhibition that traditionally takes place every two years constituted a great platform for the company to show its innovative solutions regarding window and door woodwork. Two company novelties were launched at the Munich trade fair, i.e. IGLO-HS the lift and slide system, and DUOLINE, the wooden and aluminum window.


Two months later, in March, DRUTEX participated in other prominent industry exhibitions. Apart from its presence at the International Construction Exhibition in Poznań, the company took part at the prestigious MADE EXPO in Milan. Both exhibitions attracted thousands of clients to the company stand. The Italian trade fair raised huge interest among visitors since  Andrea Pirlo, the Italian football icon and DRUTEX brand ambassador, was present at the stand. The exhibition also constituted a great opportunity for DRUTEX to inform about the renewal of the cooperation with the footballer for another year.


Another prominent person to have visited a DRUTEX stand during this year exhibition was Gian Luca Galletti, the Italian Minister of Environment, who showed up at the company stand during the SAIE in Bologna in October.


The culmination of the exhibition year for DRUTEX was the recently concluded industry trade fair in Paris. France is among the most important export markets for the company, therefore, during the exhibition that lasts several days, Drutex showcased its flagship solutions and product novelties dedicated to French clients. The DRUTEX stand, covering more than 130 m2,

was visited by numerous clients and potential trade partners. The trade fair was an important landmark in the company exhibition map.


DRUTEX constant presence at exhibitions strengthens its position on international markets. Not only does it give a great opportunity to establish and enhance business contacts, it also enables to showcase products, their most important strong points and technological competitive advantage.  Apart from the well-known IGLO 5 and ENERGY  windows, visitors had a Chance to test the company novelties, i.e. IGLO-HS and DUOLINE. The company also presented new solutions regarding color range, control and product functionality.


„International exhibitions constitute an important part of our marketing and commercial activities. Trade fairs are the perfect place to establish new business contacts and to strengthen relations with current client. Each year our stands at various exhibition events raise huge interest, which leads to fruitful commercial contracts and growing importance of the company on international woodwork market. DRUTEX is the company that produces the highest number of vertical windows in Europe. However, we are continuously investing in production capacity, we are enlarging our factory and expanding the portfolio. As a result of participation in trade fairs, we are able to inform our clients directly about all novelties and events in the company life. It is a great asset.” - explained Adam Leik, marketing director at DRUTEX.


Also, next year DRUTEX will be present at the biggest international exhibitions. The company will start year 2016 with participation in Poznań BUDMA that will take place between 2 and 5 February. In Germany DRUTEX will showcase its product novelties at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE exhibition between 16 and 19 March in Nuremberg. Then, the company will take part in the Swedish Nordbygg trade fair. Such an intensive exhibition agenda will help the company to reach a bigger number of clients and partners, and to support company effort in  building brand recognition in Europe. Such actions are vital in terms of the investment conducted by the company regarding the increase in production capacity.


At the end of 2014, the company launched the first stage of the European Woodwork Center covering the area of more than 30.000 m2. In the first quarter of 2016 DRUTEX will gain extra production area covering more than  25.000 m2 which will allow the company to strengthen its market position and increase production capacity up to 7000 windows a day.  



DRUTEX at the Paris trade fair
DRUTEX among the strongest Polish brands!

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