Additions for doors and windows


Aiming to provide the highest living comfort, Drutex offers high-quality ventilators that ensure proper ventilation and fresh air supply when the windows are tightly closed. The ventilators are available in various colour options. Ventilation in timber joinery is made optional in the extension above the window.

The benefits of using ventilators:

  • modern, natural and healthy ventilation,
  • improved air exchange,
  • thermal comfort in the rooms (no feeling of draft as with tilted windows),
  • option to adjust the air flow in accordance with the weather conditions and user requirements,
  • reducing the risk of damp rooms and the growth of mold and fungi in the flat,
  • safety,
  • wide range of options: wooden windows, PVC windows, aluminium windows.

*Measured at 10 Pa - data obtained from the ventilator manufacturer.