Drutex with new record sales.


Drutex has reported this year record sales results. In the first half of the year income amounted to over 440 million PLN, whereas gross profit – 65 million PLN. Throughout the whole year Drutex estimates to exceed 1 billion turnover. The company is investing heavily in development by expanding the facility by the new production hall covering 14 thousand square meters, a new office building and an automated injection department.

- We find sales results achieved in the first half of the year to be very good. We are very happy about the 10% increase in sales volume comparing to the same period of the previous year. Financial results confirm that we are developing in the right direction, we are taking the right business decisions, and our wide scope of products is perfectly in line with clients’ needs and expectations all over the world. We invest all the time in increasing production capacity, since for now it is our only limitation. We automatize and optimize production processes, we equip production halls with innovative machines and tools, we create our own IT systems that aim at enhancing production. Soon we will launch the new production hall whose cost with the equipment amounts to ca. 40 million PLN.  Within three months we managed to create our own, cutting-edge injection department which manufactures all components and semi-finished product for our windows, roller-shutters or doors. We are expanding our office building, we are introducing new products. It guarantees further dynamic increase in operation scale in the future. Generally, we are moving forward very fast and I am convinced that the best is yet to come.- said Leszek Gierszewski, the president of Drutex S.A.

In the first half of the year Drutex achieved record income of over 440 million PLN, which means an increase by 10%. Gross profit in the past period increased to ca. 65 million PLN. – We estimate increase in income in the next few years of at least 10% a year. It means that in all 2019 we should exceed 1 billion of annual turnover– claimed Leszek Gierszewski.

Prime Minister Morawiecki – DRUTEX guest
Drutex yet again has been awarded the Ambassador of Polish Economy title

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