DRUTEX in the Tour de Pologne


The final countdown is already in progress. The 79th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour – one of the most important cycling races in the world – will take place on 30 July. Once again, this event will be attended by our company, which is the Official Sponsor, Logistics Partner and Sponsor of the "Stage Winner" Classification of the Tour de Pologne.

We have been working with the organisers of the Tour de Pologne since 2020. More than 40 vehicles from the company's fleet will participate in this year's race to provide logistical support between the various stages of the event.

"Our vehicles are constantly on the roads of Europe, delivering windows, doors and shades to customers, covering millions of kilometres in the process. Our modern transport fleet, which is currently made up of more than 450 vehicles, has been the hallmark of our company for years. I am glad that it is also proving its worth during the Tour de Pologne, ensuring efficient logistics and providing support during the organisation of such a prestigious event," says Paweł Grzonka, Marketing Director.

The 79th Tour de Pologne will begin on 30 July in Kielce. The winner of the Energa general classification will be announced on 5 August in the Krakow Błonia Park.

"This is the third year of cooperation with DRUTEX and we are very proud of it. The company is the patron of the 'Stage Winner' classification and our Logistics Partner. We have been preparing the biggest annual sporting event in our part of Europe – because that is what the Tour de Pologne is – for years. I am glad that we can count on a partner such as DRUTEX, which is at the top of its field in Europe. The fact that such a brand is part of the Tour de Pologne family, as I call our reliable partners, is a big deal and I am convinced that together, we will create another unforgettable race," says Czesław Lang, General Director of the 79th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour.

In 2022, the theme of the Tour de Pologne will be "Race for Peace". It is a form of support for Ukraine.

"We want to organise a race that will be based on the principles of brotherhood and peace. Together, we can convey such values to people because the Tour de Pologne is an event watched by millions of fans, and its scope is international," emphasises Czesław Lang. 

The Tour de Pologne is included in the elite cycle of the UCI World Tour, i.e. the cycling league of champions. This prestigious event is broadcast to nearly 120 countries around the world. Many experts consider the Tour the Pologne to be one of the best-organised cycling races in the world. For years, the event has attracted the biggest names in the peloton and elite professional groups, providing all fans with unforgettable experiences and emotions.

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