Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Cookie policy


DRUTEX S.A. uses cookies in order to continuously improve the user experience on the website. Above all, cookies facilitate the movement around the website, for instance by remembering the user's choice of language or other specific settings. In addition, certain cookies provide the DRUTEX S.A. company with statistical information about the use of the website, which indirectly also allows for its better adjustment to the expectations of the visitors. Finally, cookies enable the use of certain additional features, such as "liking" various elements on Facebook.

What exactly are cookies?

A cookie is simply a small text file containing the data recorded at the time of visiting the website by the user. It was designed to allow the recall of information about what the user was doing on given websites in the past. These may include the data on such activities as clicking on certain links or pages, logging in to user profile or reading the content of the pages, which took place months or even years ago. There are several types of cookies. Without them websites would not work in a manner to which users have become accustomed.

For instance, due to cookie files DRUTEX S.A. can ensure that the information displayed on the screen during the next visit will be tailored to the user's preferences. By means of cookies DRUTEX S.A. can also identify the most popular sections of the website, since they record information about visited pages and the time spent on browsing them. On the basis of the data collected, the DRUTEX S.A. company can customize the website to meet the expectations of the users in a more accurate way and focus more on their preferences. Cookies can also facilitate the operation of third party applications, such as connections to social networks.

How do we obtain permission to view the cookies?

Cookies are used on our website with the user's permission. The consent may be expressed through the proper settings configuration of the software installed on the user's device, in particular of the web browser used to view our website. The user may at any time revoke or modify the scope of previously given consent to use cookies on the website, and decide to delete them.
Each time upon entering the website of DRUTEX S.A.  the user will be asked for consent to the use of cookies and given a link to this cookie policy for further information.

What data is collected and for what purposes?

During the user's visit on the website of DRUTEX S.A., the company can automatically collect the following technical information (which does not enable user identification): operating system and browser type, domain name of the website from which the user accessed the company's website, time and duration of the visit, displayed pages, etc.

These data are used only for internal purposes of DRUTEX S.A., i.e. to collect the general data concerning demographics, behaviour and interests, which enable the DRUTEX S.A. company to adjust the website and its applications to different needs and preferences of the users, as well as for a better:

  • identification of the user as logged in to the website
  • storing of data entered by the user in forms when moving to different websites during the same browser session
  • search acceleration;
  • (anonymous) recognition of users returning to our website.

In addition to remembering user settings on the website, uses the collected information only for the purpose of statistics in Google Analytics, which means that the data are used only as a total and only for internal purposes. DRUTEX S.A. does not collect any personal information about the users and is not able to identify the users personally on the basis of the data collected.

How to find out more about cookies?

If you have any questions regarding the use of cookies by our company, please send us an e-mail to

Can cookies be deleted?

If the user does not feel comfortable about the use of cookies on this website, the files can be easily deleted from the cookie folder of the browser. The browser settings can also be changes to block all cookies or give a warning before a cookie is stored on the user's computer.