Why Drutex?

Nearly 40 years of experience

Our origins date back to 1985, when Leszek Gierszewski founded his company called "Wytwarzanie Wyrobów z Drutu, Łańcuchów i Sprężyn" (Manufacture of Wire, Chain and Spring Products) in Wiklina. The year 1991 saw Mr Gierszewski transfer it to Bytów and rename it DRUTEX.

Almost four decades of experience in designing windows, doors and roller shutters have led Drutex to the highest level of technological sophistication, excellent quality and professionalism in operation. During this time, we have created a brand that is recognised worldwide and valued and awarded by both independent expert bodies and customers.

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Production from A to Z

DRUTEX produces its windows from A to Z thanks to its own research and development department, construction office and research laboratory.

A leading European windows and doors manufacturer, DRUTEX is also recognised across the world. Each window or door is made to order.

R&D Department

DRUTEX has its own research and development facilities, design and technology office and testing laboratories. This allows us to independently develop modern product concepts, refine technologies and test the capabilities of our products.

The R&D department integrates all engineering departments, prototyping facilities and laboratories. Thanks to this, we can be even more efficient; by developing new technologies, we can respond more quickly to customer needs. Creating our products from scratch, from concept to prototype to end product offered to customers, we take full responsibility for the market success of our solutions and customer satisfaction. At the same time, with modern equipment and facilities, we are able to set trends in international markets.

Modern manufacturing

At our production facilities spanning 11 hectares, we manufacture windows, doors, roller shutters, Venetian blinds, façade and winter gardens. Our product range includes PVC, aluminium and wood products. Each year, we spend several hundred million zlotys on state-of-the-art machinery, production tools, new manufacturing facilities, transport fleet and personnel. We work with market leaders.

Drutex uses the highest quality components from recognised and reputable world-class suppliers. In striving to optimise and automate production, we also take advantage of innovative production robots, providing our customers with woodwork of excellent quality and functionality.

International sales network

DRUTEX's sales network comprises more than 3,000 sales partners worldwide.

Today, our windows and doors are supplied to customers in as many as 40 countries on 6 continents. DRUTEX windows and doors have been used in high-profile investment projects worldwide, including at well-known hotels like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and Sheraton in the USA, the Lego factory in Mexico, and selected Mercedes showrooms in Poland.

Warranty and sales

DRUTEX offers a full, reliable warranty for each product sold. We have a quick, dedicated and professional warranty service, something that we pride ourselves in.

DRUTEX has long been setting trends in pre- and after-sales customer service. Choosing DRUTEX gives you the certainty that the product you receive is of top quality and comes with a full warranty. Our commitment to you does not end once the sale has been made.


Our cutting-edge production facility guarantees not only the highest quality products but also reliable deliveries. Today, DRUTEX offers lead times as short as 7 days, as well as deliveries to customers across Europe. This represents an unprecedented feat among global manufacturers of custom-made windows and doors. This is made possible thanks to efficient production, streamlined operations, excellent logistics and a fleet of more than 600 vehicles.

Brand strength

The figures speak for themselves: DRUTEX is a leading European manufacturer of windows, doors and roller shutters, whether in terms of financial performance, turnover, number of business partners, number of employees (nearly 4,000 people), product range offered or brand strength and prestige.

DRUTEX's achievements have been repeatedly recognised and awarded as part of prestigious competitions.

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Famous campaigns

DRUTEX creates windows, doors and roller shutters suitable for anyone expecting top-tier quality, excellent comfort of use and timeless design. Pursuing unique and state-of-the-art solutions, we partnered with exceptional athletes, including Philipp Lahm, the then captain of the German national football team and captain of Bayern Munich; Andrea Pirlo, the captain of the Italian national team and Juventus Turin; and Jakub Błaszczykowski, the captain of the Polish national team and Borussia Dortmund player.

The advertising campaign featuring these great football icons was carried out in Poland, Germany and Italy, proving to be an enormous success for the company. DRUTEX is a valued and recognised brand in foreign markets, known for its high quality, efficiency and professionalism in operation.