Smart home solutions

Remote control

Smart solutions that allow to control the working of radiators, thermostat and roller shutters may decrease heating bills by 20-30 percent.* Intelligent lighting control may generate extra savings. External roller shutters constitute an important element in this aspect since heat energy is lost through window panes. Already ca. one in five Poles use intelligent solutions in their houses.

Providing the window suite products with the option of smart control by a remote-control device, tablet, or smartphone, which also allows the system to be managed remotely while we are away, is becoming increasingly popular among customers.

  • Electronic key-operated lock cylinder system
  • Data exchange takes place in a virtual network, where we can assign different access rights to each user and freely control their activity
  • Integration with the building management system.

*according to Somfy, 2016 r.

Windows, doors, heating

Smart window suite control

Window control

Installation of smart opening and closing systems for windows using a MACO motor. The system can be compatible with management and access control systems.

Heater control

It is possible to integrate the window closing system with home heating, so that opening a window can trigger the simultaneous switching off of the heating.

Automatic door closing system

The magnet mounted on the striker locks the door independently every time it is closed. The door can be integrated with a motor and management, and access control system based on fingerprint, keypad, etc.

Tahoma Somfy

Somfy TaHoma automatic control system allows us to tailor any equipment in the home to our needs, while making it extremely easy and enjoyable to use.

With the help of the modern Tahoma system, windows, doors, or roller shutters can open or close automatically at preselected times of the day, tilt or slide in integrated groups or individually, providing us with complete control and monitoring of our home, even when we are not inside. By using the phone, we also gain constant surveillance and access to the systems installed in the home at any time of the day or night, if necessary.

Compatibility with all devices using IO technology is guaranteed. Moreover, it is also possible to control many models of devices made in RTS technology, which is still on the market but does not allow verification of command execution.

Connect the Tahoma router to Wi-Fi
Once connected, the router will make the necessary configuration settings automatically. There is a possibility of remote control from a web browser or via an application on mobile devices (IOS, Android).
Real-time operations
We issue a command to perform any operation and we simultaneously check whether it has been performed. For example, the garage door is not closed because it encountered an obstacle when closing and automatically opened again.
Scenario planning
Up to 40 control scenarios can be created on the computer and run manually, automatically at a specific time or depending on sensor signals. Compatibility with all IO devices is guaranteed.


With blebox solutions, DRUTEX customers can open and close windows, doors, and roller shutters.

These are miniature devices that allow you to open and close doors, windows, roller shutters, awnings, facade blinds, gates, manage lighting or the alarm system via your smartphone and tablet from anywhere in the world.

  • Control via tablet or smartphone.
  • A smart system for opening and closing windows, doors, and roller shutters.
  • Automatic door bolt – locks the door whenever it is closed.
Blebox sterowanie bezprzewodowe drutex

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