At the beginning of September DRUTEX has expanded its offer of PVC doors with the modern, fully automatic MACO espagnolette. So far it was available as a standard only with Iglo Energy system. Since September all PVC door systems are equipped with the automatic espagnolette as a standard, which improves usage comfort and functionality of the products. DRUTEX is also the only woodwork producer in Poland that applies the automatic MACO espagnolette in the standard version.


The key advantage of the triple latch MACO Protect Z-TF MF-BO automatic espagnolette  is its influence on door functionality and usage comfort comparing to traditional espagnolettes. In traditional locks, the door is held with just one latch. The door sash contact pressure in corner points is not optimal which, as a result, may lead to decrease in contact pressure and deformation of the sash in the corners. Whereas when it comes to the automatic espagnolette applied in all DRUTEX PVC systems, immediately after locking the door, the door sash is safe and locked in three points. Two extra multifunctional latches complement the standard cranked latch and ensure the optimum constant contact pressure along all the height of the door. The magnet positioned on the latch interlocks the door automatically after its closed improving comfort and usage safety. The system may obviously be integrated with an engine and a management and access control system based on fingerprints, a tablet, a smartphone etc., depending on the users’ needs and preferences. Such systems are available for PVC, aluminum and wooden doors. 


The door equipped with automatic espagnolettes constitutes an investment in safety, since it ensures permanent prevention against door deformation. It guarantees constant pressure along all the height of the door, which results in tightness and sound insulation. A distinct advantage is also the light and quiet locking thanks to the cranked latch fitted as a standard.


DRUTEX offers a wide choice of PVC door models in Iglo, Iglo Energy and Iglo Light systems which stand out for the modern design that responds to current trends in architecture. They are made from A-class profiles, exclusively of prime material. They stand out for the optimum structure and technical advancement, which improves their stability and resistance. DRUTEX doors are also an expression of modern design. Just this year the company has introduced a number of original models of modern entrance doors in various PVC systems, depending on Client’s needs, and it continuously expands its offer investing in functionality and technological advancement of its products, including modern technologies and design. 

 „DRUTEX has been setting trends on Polish and European woodwork market for years. The leader position is an obligation. Each year we allocate millions of zloty to modernize our R&D facilities and we continuously expand our offer, adapting it to Clients’ expectations all over the world. Consistency in implementing ambitious projects is an effective strategy which pays off by increasing interest in our products in Poland and abroad. „ – says Bogdan Gierszewski, CEO at DRUTEX S.A.

The modern automatic Maco Protect Z-TF MF-BO espagnolette  has been available in all DRUTEX PVC systems since September this year.




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