Drutex advances in the „Wprost” list of the 200 biggest Polish companies


Drutex has advanced again in the new edition of the ‘Wprost’ weekly that presents the 200 biggest Polish companies. The company has improved its position by 18 places and it has taken the 153rd placing. The fact that Drutex belongs to the group of companies with the most dynamic development confirms the company strong position among national leaders, and it also proves the effective policy of international expansion.  What makes the position even more important is the fact that the ranking includes both public and private companies.

Drutex finished the year 2016 with record revenue at 733 million PLN, which is an almost 20% increase comparing to the corresponding period of the previous year. The company improved its leading position among national producers of window and door woodwork as well as abroad. Today export constitutes over 73% of total sales volume. The most important export markets are: Germany, Italy, France, as well as the USA and Australia.

 „Expanding the product range, efficiency of operations, strong marketing and investment in the brand allow us to strengthen the company image as a reliable business partner. Each year Drutex is going from strength to strength. We are a healthy company, built on stable foundation, which constitutes our competitive advantage. We offer high-quality products that match Clients’ needs on each market. The individual approach to the Clients determines our development. The new ‘Wprost 200 biggest Polish companies’ reflects our company potential’ – says Leszek  Gierszewski, the president of Drutex S.A.

Drutex dynamic growth is based on multi-million investment. The company has recently launched the European Woodwork Center, which allowed to double production capacity and to increase production area to 95 000 m2. This year the company is planning other investments in infrastructure and in development of production capacity.  

Drutex receives an award for export and a nomination for the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Eagle award
Drutex among the 50 Polish companies with the most dynamic growth

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