DRUTEX expands its color range and offers more than 1000 different combinations!


For the second time in a short period DRUTEX has expanded its color range of PVC products. The company has introduced to its Renolit EXOFOL FX offer a brand new color, i.a. Light Black. In total the company offers already 33 different colors variations for its PVC windows and doors. Due to the fact, that the investors may choose various foil colours for the inner and outer profiles, there are now more than 1000 possible color combinations.

The extension of DRUTEX’ color palette with a new color Light Black (ASH C-35N) is primarily a result of the growing demand for individualization of the offer among investors. The new color of the Renolit film has been designed especially for hot tropical climates, as those is South Europe, Australia, India, Asia and Central America. The three-layer film structure stands out for its exceptional durability even while exposed to intense UV radiation.

The new Renolit film introduced by DRUTEX supports also its international expansion as the products even more popular abroad. They gain more and more interest also in Mexico, where the company has been completing many prestigious projects. Recently, the company has equipped with windows the Mexican gold mine and the factory of the biggest producer of educational bricks in the world.

“Our strategy is focused on dynamic international expansion, also outside Europe. The overseas operations ate the core of our development. Last year we completed the 1st phase of our European Fenestration Centre and this year we are already finishing the 2nd part. It will allow us to grow even faster and increase production capacity to be able to respond to growing market demand.” – says sales director at DRUTEX.

No more than two months ago, in July 2015, DRUTEX has launched a new color for its PVC products, i.e.,“Sheffield Oak Light” F456-3081, which is very popular in Poland and abroad. The foil, made in cool colors and life like technology, is a great solution that guarantees high durability and window resistance to weather conditions. As a result of the innovative, patented solutions, the film retains its properties over time even in high temperatures, ensuring long-lasting endurance and the right woodwork functioning.

Additionally, delicate and mate structure of the film make it hard to differ the wood-like profile with the Renolit film from the real wooden one. This is the aim of the customers dreaming of modern windows and doors.

DRUTEX completes new projects in Mexico!
President Leszek Gierszewski with the Visionary title 2015!

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