Drutex and Jakub Błaszczykowski play for children!


On 29 December in Częstochowa will take place the second edition of a sports and artistic event ‘Christmas playing with Kuba’, organized by the ‘Human Gesture’ – a Jakub Błaszczykowski foundation. The event, whose total income will be donated for the need of the Foundation beneficiaries, will again take place in cooperation with Drutex, the leading window and door producer in Europe.

Corporate social responsibility actions and promotion of sport are an inherent part of Drutex strategy. The company has been supporting sports initiatives for years, especially football, as well as actions that aim at supporting various charity organizations and foundations. 

 „Each year we participate in charity events, we support beneficiaries of numerous foundations, students, children in need. We are involved in helping hospitals, schools or people who face difficulties. We are a global company which is dynamically developing, going from strength to strength and increasing its market share, but we also remember that we don’t operate in a vacuum. We try to promote various charity initiatives, both local and national or international. We are happy that this kind if involvement brings tangible results and happiness to those who await help and support the most. The event, organized by the Jakub Błaszczykowski foundation, is a great example of an action that the young and teenagers benefit from. It is a tailor-made project for those who need specific support with quick results’’ – says Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex.

 „Christmas playing with Kuba” is an event for all families. The first part will feature a football tournament, where, apart from Kuba Błaszczykowski, will also play, i.a. : Jerzy Brzęczek, Kamil Wilczek, Marcin Wasilewski and Dariusz Dudka, sportspeople practicing other sports – Piotr Gacek, Artur Siódmiak, Paweł Zagumny, Grzegorz Proksa, aa well as artists and journalists -  – Paweł Małaszyński, Szymon Majewski, Ireneusz Bieleninik, Łukasz Golec and Andrzej Twarowski. The second part is a concert of prominent artists of the Polish hip-hop scene, such as: Eldo, O.S.T.R., KAEN, Kali.

The total income from tickets for the event will be donated for the needs of the beneficiaries of the ‘Human Gesture’ foundation whose main goal is to help ill children by financing treatment,  buying rehabilitation equipment and other means necessary in their difficult condition.

 „Help through fun and spending time together is probably the best way to motivate people to participate in charity initiatives. Everybody is enthusiastic, those who receive help and those who give it’’ – adds Adam Leik.

We will be happy to see you on 29 December in Częstochowa!

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