15 / 05 / 2024

DRUTEX presents the new generation window IGLO EDGE

DRUTEX has unveiled a new generation of IGLO windows that sets the standard for energy efficiency and modern design. The IGLO EDGE window opens a new chapter in building design.

Many years of work by DRUTEX's R&D department, engineers and technologists have resulted in the introduction of one of the most technologically advanced windows, the IGLO EDGE window. 

The new IGLO EDGE system meets the expectations of customers looking for woodwork/windows and doors with minimalist shapes and elegant design. At the same time, it is distinguished by excellent thermal insulation parameters and high statics, enabling large dimensions.

The highly energy-efficient IGLO EDGE window provides the highest level of thermal insulation Uw = 0.66 W(m2K), and the 7-chamber A-class profiles with an installation depth of 82 mm, combined with a 58 mm glass package infilled with argon gas and a proprietary window sealing system, constitute an absolute novelty on the global woodwork market.

"IGLO EDGE is the answer to the needs of our customers, the company's business partners, and architects and industry experts in Poland and abroad. With its sophisticated shape, it is reminiscent of aluminium profiles while at the same time offering excellent energy efficiency, user comfort and design options," says Paweł Jereczek, Commercial Director at DRUTEX.

DRUTEX's IGLO EDGE window uses an entirely new, second-generation EPDM triple sealing, whose prototype premiered in 2013 in the Iglo Energy system and was the first solution of its kind in the world, thus setting extremely strict sealing standards. The new generation of sealing also uses, among other things, a central gasket with a modified shape, ensuring perfect pressure across the entire contact surface, which allows for sensational performance in terms of thermal insulation, water tightness and air permeability. 

As one of the first PVC windows in the world, IGLO EDGE permits the use of glass packages with a width of up to 58 mm, which provides excellent thermal insulation parameters with smaller window dimensions. This is a key solution for new passive buildings and the secondary market, where customers often do not have the option of enlarging window frames. As a result, the system can be used to create even the most sophisticated and complex architectural structures.

The main advantages of IGLO EDGE:

  • innovative technology – the product was developed using proprietary solutions and patents with the latest available technology; the IGLO EDGE profile is A class and was made of primary material; it is available in 3 colours: white, brown and anthracite,
  • energy efficiency – thanks to the excellent thermal insulation properties Uw = 0,66 W(m2K), IGLO EDGE will reduce your bills for heating or electricity consumed by air-conditioning; the system has 3 EPDM gaskets, including a central gasket, while in the sash, under the glass package, DRUTEX engineers installed 2 PVC gaskets, which further improve thermal insulation,
  • safety – as many as 4 anti-burglary bolts as standard and 2 mm steel reinforcement in frame and sash as well as glass packages in the width range of 48-58 mm in over a dozen glass variants, guarantee the highest level of safety,
  • design – the minimalist shape and simple, elegant lines give the system an attractive look,
  • multifunctionality – IGLO EDGE works in any climate not only as a typical window but also as a balcony or terrace door; in addition, the system is compatible with aluminium and PVC roller shutters, façade blinds, glass French doors and smart home automation,
  • greater structural options – thanks to its high static capacity, the IGLO EDGE permits large-scale buildings that fit in perfectly with the latest architectural trends,
  • more light – thanks to the reduced composite area of the frame and sash (114 mm), the IGLO EDGE offers a higher transparency of the glazing surface, which translates into its higher energy efficiency and even better room insolation.

"Once again, we have presented the world with a product that is unique in every respect, setting the trend for window frames. The IGLO EDGE is a step into the future. This innovative approach to developing a new window design and meeting the expectations of today's highly demanding customers. The product development took more than two years and is the result of 30 years of experience in the production of glazing units and nearly 20 years of developing original, innovative window systems on a global scale. The system has all the necessary certificates and approvals confirming its unique qualities. That is why we are convinced that the future belongs to the IGLO EDGE," said Paweł Grzonka, Marketing Director at DRUTEX.


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