24 / 05 / 2015

Jakub Błaszczykowski in an interview for Drutex social media

Drutex, the biggest window producer, offered its Facebook followers the possibility to ask questions to the three brand ambassadors Phillip Lahm, Jakub Błaszczykowski and Andrea Pirlo. This is how Drutex social media interview was carried out.

The interview took place in two stages. First, the fans had a chance to ask question through comments on the company FB profile. Then, the football stars answered the selected questions that had been posted on Drutex website as an interview for the fans.

First to go is the Polish footballer in the national team and Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jakub Błaszczykowski.

Enjoy the read:

Eryk Kielak:

Have you considered a coaching job when you finish your career? 

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Honestly, it’s rather remote future for me and I haven’t seriously considered it. I still want to play football. At present, I don’t fancy this kind of profession. After so many years of playing football, spending time away from home, in hotels, many sacrifices, I will definitely focus more on resting rather than taking up coaching immediately. Nevertheless, I don’t want to exclude anything, you never know.

Selina Kaltschmid:

Who is your idol? J

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Just like for most Poles, definitely John Paul II. He is a role model, an undisputed authority who gave us a lot of good advice to be a good man in life, on every-day basis. When it comes to private life, my greatest mentor is Jerzy Brzeczek, my uncle, the person who I owe a lot to. My current situation is largely his merit.

Ola Kopiec:

If you could choose again – transfer to Borussia or maybe choose another club, what would you go for?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

After so many years that I have spent in Borussia, I think that playing for this team was a very good decision. Considering what we have achieved together, i.a. two German Championships, German Cup, the balance is positive.

Kinga Przybyło:

How are you feeling and when will you go back to the pitch in 100%?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I’ll be coming back to the pitch in just one day. Tomorrow I’m doing the complete training with Borussia and it will turn out what we will decide. One thing is sure: we’re not going to take risks. In a week, we’re playing the German Cup final and the match will be as important, or even more important.

Hubert Stogowski:

What are you going to do when you finish your career?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Rest, take a break and start living, because now all my life is devoted to football, therefore, the first thing I’ll do when I finish the career is to take a rest mentally, travel and spend more time with the family.

Jakub Senior:

Kuba, do you want to stay in BVB till the end of your career, or maybe you’re planning to come back to Poland? Who is your best friend in Borussia Dortmund changing room?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

For a footballer it’s difficult to plan because life will always verify the plans. I still have a three-year contract and it’s difficult to plan what will be in the future. I definitely feel very good in Borussia and I think the eight years I have spent in the team have been a great period in my life. Regarding the changing room, it’s not a secret that I get on best with Lukasz Piszczk, but I have a good relationship with the rest of the boys and the atmosphere in the changing room is great.

Patryk Śliwa:

Will you come back to Wisła?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I’d love to and I always watch Wisla matches and support them. I owe them a lot. They gave me a chance to grow up in senior football. Planning is difficult but I’m considering playing for Wisla.

Kamil Kacprzak:

What was the last transfer offer that you received? Who made it? 

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

My viewpoint is that in order to be trustworthy in business and as a person, what you discuss should stay between the parties involved. On football market things are happening all the time, and I guess it’s normal. However, I feel good in Borussia.

Hubert Kraczek:

What are you passionate about, apart from football?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I have always liked doing puzzle and I still do. It makes me calm down, clears my head, that’s why I do puzzle quite often, depending on my free time.

Dawid Sitko:

At what age did you start playing football?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

As far as I remember I have always played, but my first training, where I went as a club member and not just for recreation, was when I was ca. 8-9. I remember it was Częstochowa when I started playing football more seriously, not just with friends at the pitch.

Marcel Kalemba:

Have you always believed you will have big achievements in football?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I have always had thoughts that I might achieve something in football. I think that if you do something and you are convinced about it, you have a bigger chance to achieve that. I’ve been successful, but I’m just realizing all my life has always revolved around football. I have always engaged in 100%, not 99%. I think this is when you may expect to achieve something in football, if you do your best, because even if something doesn’t work out you can cope with the disappointment more easily. You know then that maybe you lacked a bit talent or abilities, but you realize that you didn’t lack engagement because you gave 100%.

Kamil Jankowiak:

How do you see the Polish national team chances in the qualifying rounds and the potential qualification to the European Championship, and will you come back to the team?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I think that the team is in a good position and has high chance for next victories. Currently we are in 1st  place, there are still some matches in front of us, but definitely, the starting point is very good.

Sebastian Młynarczuk:

Kuba, how do you feel after the ACL rupture? I had the same problem, but 6 months after the surgery I am able to play again J

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

I think it’s quite ok, although it was a serious injury and probably the most serious I’ve had in my career. Fortunately, I have fully recovered, the knee doesn’t creak and it’s ok. I need as many matches as possible. Now I’ve had just a two-week break but I’ve played all the time and it is helping me to recover.

Adam Brodacz:

How do you cope with injuries that happen to you all the time? You didn’t have moments of doubt?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Right now I have no doubts J

I experience difficult moments but each day gives me power and positive energy. You have to accept life as it is and try to solve problems, tackle them. You have to live your life doing your best and try to fight for you and never give up. Then, even if a disaster happens, you are less disappointed because you didn’t lack involvement and struggle.  

Maciej Ogiński:

Why did you choose Borussia Dortmund?

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Borussia was a team which at that time, in 2007, was the most determined to have me. Anyway, one year before, I knew it was really important for them. Apart from that, the stadium, the fans, the history show that it is a great club on the international scene, and our common achievements prove that it was the right choice.

Dominika Piasta:

Kuba, how do you feel knowing that you are an authority for many people, their role model?  

Jakub Błaszczykowski:

Obviously, I receive a lot of affection and it’s really nice, but it has never made me ponder. I try to do my job and live in harmony with myself. I’m happy to receive honest and pure affection, but I think it’s a reward for being the kind of person I am, for being authentic in the pitch. Later on, congratulations from people is the best reward you get for doing your job and for the kind of person you are.

Afterwards, fans had a chance to ask questions to the captain of the German champion team Philipp Lahm, and the top player in Juventus Torino – Andrea Pirlo. Join Drutex on Facebook and ask your question.

For more information see:  www.facebook.com/DRUTEXSA

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