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Windows resistant to strong winds!
Polish climate is characterised by changeable weather conditions. 
Take spring home
Easter concludes the period of Lent. However, Easter is also the time of saying goodbye to the cold season and preparing for summer
Make your windows beautiful for Christmas!
Christmas is a very special and magic time. Most of us associate it with joy, family atmosphere, the scent of ginger bread, a note of Christmas delicacies or singing carols. This is why in most houses the pre-Christmas hustle, shopping and cleaning have begun.
IGLO ENERGY – luxury, top-class windows
Men's fashion, when it comes to clothes, cosmetics, cars, and even furniture, does not come as a surprise. It is natural to follow market trends regarding what is fashionable, what to wear, what to drive, and even where to eat. The modern trendy man can take ...
Cheap heating in winter? Reduce your heating bills!
Freezing temperatures, biter wind, rain and snow increase the perception of cold. Cold days and freezing nights make us turn up the radiator in search for warmth. At such moments winter can hit us in the pocket. If we consider the long heating season, which in Poland lasts about 7 months, we will not be surprised that we receive high...
Protecting windows against winter!
When winter comes, our woodwork is exposed to freezing temperatures and humidity. On the one hand, it is a real test for tightness (water-tightness, wind resistance and air-tightness), on the other hand, it is a great opportunity for ...