Cheap heating in winter? Reduce your heating bills!

Freezing temperatures, biter wind, rain and snow increase the perception of cold. Cold days and freezing nights make us turn up the radiator in search for warmth. At such moments winter can hit us in the pocket. If we consider the long heating season, which in Poland lasts about 7 months, we will not be surprised that we receive high heating bills. What can we do to reduce the bill this year even by several hundred zloty? The answer is simple – it's time to have the windows changed into energy-efficient ones.

Airtight windows are the basis

Freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall, snowfall and wind are a serious problem when our house or flat is not airtight. The most challenging task in heating is faced by the owners of end residences as well as ground floor and last floor inhabitants. As a result of the building poor insulation, there is a loss of tens of percent of energy, especially of we consider that a 30% energy loss is caused by untight windows. This is why it is very important to invest in energy-efficient windows. Energy efficiency criteria are defined by the window thermal parameters, especially thermal co-efficiency. The lower the Uw coefficient, the lower heat loss. We cannot forget that UW coefficient is the resultant of a number of factors, such as glass and frame heat transfer, as well as, i.a. the glass, frame and whole window surface area . It is important to check with the seller the tests and certificates which confirm the parameters declared by the producer.

Paradoxically, IGLO is the warmest

IGLO Energy windows by DRUTEX S.A., whose heat transfer coefficient equals only 0,6 W/(m2K)*, are an example of perfect thermal insulation. It is a modern system equipped with a cutting-edge, first in the world** sealing system made of foam EPDM. This means that the window has the heat transfer of more than 100% above Polish technical standards! Such a low parameter makes the system a perfect solution for passive and energy-efficient buildings.

Bearing in mind energy efficiency, high quality, as well as safety and functionality, DRUTEX has created IGLO windows. The woodwork produced with the modern GL profiles made exclusively of prime material, is notable for the increased insulation parameters.

We have also devised and implemented a new generation of glass pane with low-emission coating which guarantee the highest standards regarding energy efficiency. All this allows us to satisfy the expectations of everybody who wants to reduce energy use at home.”- says Mirosław Furtan, Production Director in DRUTEX S.A.

Cover the windows, get warmer!

When we start counting money we spend on heating, we learn to appreciate windows with shutters. Roller shutter are the most common window covers. Their importance increases especially in winter, when we aim at reducing the heat loss. In winter, external shutters will offer a tight protection against cold. The layer of air between the drawn shutter and window increases the insulation against heat loss. As a result, shutters do not only offer much higher heat comfort, but also, what is important, reduce dramatically our heating bills. The laths filled with polyurethane foam increase energy efficiency and improve thermal insulation effects.

„DRUTEX offers both PVC and aluminium shutters, depending on the

Client's needs. In order to satisfy the Clients' growing expectations regarding architectural requirements, modern and functional solutions, DRUTEX S.A. offers a tried and tested, technically reliable system. The thought-out shutter construction has been combined with the elegant and modern box, and aluminium or PVC guide. The armour of the shutter is built of aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam, which guarantees even better thermal insulation. The wide range of armour and laths colours enables us to match the shutter to the colour and style of the building”- says Mirosław Furtan, Production Director in DRUTEX S.A. 

Energy efficient equals modern and elegant

Technologically advanced IGLO windows are also available in various shapes and colours. They set standards on world woodwork market. DRUTEX offers 29 various window and door colours, which helps to suit the client's preferences. The frame and wing colour is not all. This year, the company has introduced, in order to satisfy clients' demands, a new colour of the sealing. The graphite sealing in IGLO windows matches perfectly the trendy woodwork in shades of grey!

Freeze and chill always arrive unexpectedly. In order to ensure comfort and be ready for a frost attack in your own house, it is important to be on the safe side and provide for a warm house. It turns out that the secret lies in windows, this is why it is worth making an informed decision.

*for a window of 1230 mm x1480 mm according to tests by CSI in the Czech Republic

**patent application

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