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Men's fashion, when it comes to clothes, cosmetics, cars, and even furniture, does not come as a surprise. It is natural to follow market trends regarding what is fashionable, what to wear, what to drive, and even where to eat. The modern trendy man can take care of himself, stand out in the crowd, emphasise his advantages, and, above all, arrange the space surrounding him.

Few people realise that fashion, in a broad sense, regards also windows and doors which do not have to be white, rectangular forms whose role is to fill a hole in the wall. When it comes to window woodwork, just like in fashion, trends change very often. However, no matter the product, we want to create our own, unique style. That is why, it is so common to create a distinct character of our house.

Today, windows suit Clients's taste and preferences in 100%. We can choose between a number of forms, shapes, materials and colours which they are made of. What is more, we can select the type of glass and even the colour of the sealing.
Nowadays, rounded, multi-colour profiles are in. When choosing windows for the house we often go for fancy shapes, and doors and windows colours. We tend to install windows in various shades of brown, grey or green, we select grills and glass which match the interiors and the style of the buiding - says Adam Leik, DRUTEX S.A. Marketing Director.

That is why DRUTEX has introduced the innovative window IGLO Energy, which is a combination of extraordinary aesthetics, energy efficiency and functionality. The rounded, snow-white profile contributes to the product durability and quality, and the world's first sealing system, made of foamed EPDM guarantees record-low thermal parameters of thermal insulation Uw=0,6 W/(m2K)* which is higher by 100% than the valid market standards. Such a low parameter means that the window may be easily used in passive and energy-efficient buildings.

A trendy window…

..is one that expresses our character. IGLO Energy is a combination of modernity and elegance. It is a guarantee for safety and warmth. Available in 30 various colours, forms – starting with a circle, to a diamond, triangle, or polyline – the window may be ravishing. What is more, the great parameters regarding insulation and safety confirm the cutting-edge characteristic of the window. It exceeds the market and Clients' expectations. It sets trends.

Additionally equipped with various glass types (float, term float, colour float, multifloat – safe, anti-burglar, bulletproof, matofloat – reflect float, ornament), they emphasise the unique interior design. The glasses will match the Client's practical and aesthetic requirements.

DRUTEX has launched a new generation of windows equipped with cutting-edge glass with low-emission coatings which offer the highest standard regarding energy efficiency, translucency and the comfort of usage, characterised by coefficient of heat transfer amounting to Ug=0,3 W/(m²K).

The inhabitants' individualism and character may be expressed in many ways. It is widely known that what contributes to this is the woodwork, its appearance, equipment. This is why grills are still so popular.

„We offer glued grills, inner-pane grills, as well as Vienna grills designed for wooden windows. It must be underlined that, when it comes to grills, just like windows, it is possible to apply bicolour – one colour is visible inside, and the other – outside the room. I am convinced that windows with grills will appeal to those who value traditional style and timeless classic”- adds Adam Leik.

The handle emphasises individualism...

The handle is the window element which allows to evaluate the aesthetic of the whole window. Most commonly, it is in the middle of the frame, which immediately attracts attention. This is why it is vital to select the elegant handle which will add charm to the whole window. DRUTEX offers high-quality aluminium handles which are characterised by durability, and the elegant shape and variety of colours enhance their aesthetics.

 „We offer handles in various colours which may be suited to individual preferences. For example, we may choose between white, brown, silver or gold colours. These are only a few of the options. Additionally, apart from the classic version, we can select the option with a key or a button” – points out Adam Leik.

Windows express our personality. The window does not have to be just a white rectangle.

It may express style, preferences. It may be a luxury good. It is worth mentioning that, also in this regard, a real man should choose reasonably and deliberately.

*for a window of 1230mm x 1480mm (glass pane  Ug=0,3 W/(m2K) with Swisspacer frame, fiber glass reinforcement). According to CSI institute in the Czech Republic.

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