Autumn is coming, it’s the highest time for regulation and maintenance of windows!

Summer is already behind us. Days are getting shorter and colder. We start to dress up warmer, replace clothes in the closet into those for autumn and winter, buy umbrellas, and soon we will surely also begin to change tires for winter season.

Temperatures barely exceeding 10 degrees and strong wind do not bring optimism and make us quickly forget summer time. We often also forget that we should prepare ourselves for the fall and winter season to enjoy its charm, even during cool and windy evenings. We can think of many ways to ensure a blissful heat at home. However, the simplest and most reasonable way seems to be checking the quality of our windows as they affect our comfort and well-being also when there are thunders outside.

First of all it’s really important to control our windows before the cold autumn and winter days come to prevent wind getting inside our homes and protect ourselves from heat escape. Particularly crucial elements which require checking are among others: fittings, seals, frames, glass. The maintenance of the windows is nothing difficult. However, it is the basis of the annual preparation of our home for colder seasons. It does not take us much time, and certainly save many potential problems that might come in case of real cold weather. To extend the durability and proper functioning as well as appearance of our windows and doors, it is important to use suitable cleaning methods and provide regular maintenance service that includes: the use of appropriate detergents, maintenance of seals, lubrication of hinges and envelope fittings.

Each window should have properly adjusted fittings already by the producer in the factory. Further possible adjustments can be made by the installation teams during windows’ assembly. It must be remembered that the adjustment should be carried out by a professional assemblers equipped with appropriate diplomas that confirm their practical mounting skills ( the best woodwork producers with many years of experience, such as DRUTEX, organize installation trainings for its partners that ends with an exam and a diploma of the assembly). It is very important as the incorrect adjustment can cause damages to fittings.

Even if in the first months after the windows assembly they do not require further adjustment than the one that was made by the mounting team, they may require some minor adjustments in the future.  However, it is not nothing to worry about. It has to be remembered that even the most technically advanced systems may have to be adjusted after some time.

Therefore it is important to check if the fittings are well and firmly fastened and carry out regular checks of their wear. All moving parts and the closing points of the fittings should be lubricated or oiled. In terms of cleaning and maintenance process we should only use such detergents, which do not affect the anti-corrosion coatings of the fittings.

Unfortunately, the truth is that even the best team and the most capable woodwork holders will not help if the windows are simply ill-fitted. It is therefore important to choose reasonably the best windows producers and installation teams. You should always ask for certifications, attestations, technical approvals issued by recognized certification institutions.

We should pay attention to the product itself and its parameters, i.a. If the profile of the window is made of the original (non-recycled) material, which affects its stability and durability, if the window is equipped with EPDM sealing, which as opposed to TPE sealing, provide better durability and tightness, or if the fittings are complete. It is worth to trust companies that have broad experience in the industry as this should be a kind of guarantee that our window will serve us for years. It is also important to check if the window opens and closes smoothly before we confirm its proper mounting. We should check if it is properly mounted, i.a. if the window does not open and close itself. It’s also crucial that during the assembly we should remove the so called support blocks, that should be made of impregnated hardwood or hard PVC. We should also follow the rules regarding sealing methods.

To sum up it should be remembered that the regulation and maintenance windows is a basis for their proper functionality. There are several important principles that will help us to enjoy the tightness and reliability of our PVC woodwork for year, i.a.:
- In the case of windows maintenance one should not use detergents that cause scratches.
- Do not paint the windows with paint or varnish, as well as apply any additional protective layers.
- All kinds of dirt on the windows, in particular, rust, soot, mortar, etc., should be removed immediately

- The drainage holes placed at the bottom part of the frame from outside should not be shut

- All the moving parts of the lock should be lubricated with petroleum jellies at least once a year,  in order to maintain reliable operation and light fittings.

High quality windows guarantee comfort at home, regardless of the season. They affect our health and ... pocket because truly energy-efficient windows are also saving money. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the kind of windows we are buying and how they should be maintained as each eventual repair will require extra costs later on. Let us trust only experienced manufacturers and installation crews. It’s just that simple.


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