The right windows are effective in fighting smog

Winter is coming, which means the heating season starts bringing about new challenges. You need to prepare well for the coldest season. It is not just about changing the tyres, or switching to winter clothes. It is also worth taking care of good air that we breath. Unfortunately, health problems that occur when the colder season comes are often caused not only by adverse weather conditions connected with low temperatures and snow. Polluted air constitutes another serious problem. 

  • How can windows help to fight smog?

Selecting the right windows may improve the environment and contribute to decreasing smog concentration in the air. In order to be eco-friendly, we need to opt for products with low heat transmission coefficient, i.e. products that were designed for energy-efficient buildings[1]. This decision will significantly decrease heating bills and it will minimize the emission of harmful substances resulting from combustion of heating materials and heat production.

Drutex has prepared a very wide offer of windows with high performance parameters.
„As a part of continuous research and development (R&D) we make sure our products fulfill the growing expectations of Clients. We have created numerous lines of windows in various characteristics in line with individual conditions of use. For example, PVC windows produced in Iglo Energy system provide  modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency ensuring lower heating bills. Windows in Iglo 5 system have good thermal insulation parameters in competitive price, also allowing to limit heat loss in the flat ” - emphasizes Mirosław Furtan, production director at DRUTEX S.A.

Apart from energy-efficient structure, it is also important to seal and install the windows properly. You must make sure that there are no unnecessary slots between the frame and the sash, letting smog into the room. Well-manufactured windows, made of good quality materials do not have  micro losses that constitute extra space for depositing pf pollutants.

Despite tight windows, polluted air may permeate into our houses through ventilators. How to prevent that? In such case, Drutex windows may be equipped with special anti-smog and anti-allergy filter. The modern device fully filters the air permeating into the flat. It practically stops all PM10 particles and up to 80% of  PM2.5 particles, as well as other harmful dust and allergens.

In spring, as soon as the sun starts to appear, smog disappears, but its effects remain. Investment in good windows is an investment in protection for all the family.

  • Where does smog come from and what exactly is the problem?

Smog affects us mostly in the autumn and winter, when heating season starts due to decrease in temperature. It cumulates as a result of no wind, high humidity and temperature inversion.  We may say that smog is an artificial fog, caused by a combination of adverse weather conditions and results of human activities.

  • Why is smog an important issue and why should be protect against it?

Smog is exceptionally harmful and it has very negative impact on our health. With long exposure it may lead to:

• increased risk of allergy and asthma,

• respiratory failure,

• immunodepression,

• cardiovascular disease,

• cancer[2].

Data published by the Polish Smog Alert indicates that when breathing polluted air, each year we take a dose of harmful substances B[a]P equivalent to smoking thousands of cigarettes[3].

  • How to protect against smog?

Smog surrounds us everywhere, and the right protection is in fact a fight for our health. In the streets we may see more and more people wearing special masks filtering the air. Unfortunately, smog sneaks into our houses with air, becoming a silent threat for us and the family.

We cannot escape smog. However, we can protect against it, effectively reducing its concentration in the air inside the house. There are a number of ways that may help us in everyday struggle with the harmful fog.

Our precious weapon in fighting against polluted air at home may be pot plants. Their presence improves the air quality. Although they are not able to neutralize all harmful substances, they will surely enrich the atmosphere with oxygen, additionally increasing air humidity and capturing dust[4].

Another method that allows to minimize harmful substances in the house is the right ventilation. Air exchange is necessary also in winter. However, we must remember to carry it out in proper conditions. When ventilating, we need to open a few windows at the same time for quick air exchange without excessive  chilling of the room on cold days[5]. Obviously, it should be carried out when air quality is good. The current smog concentration in the area may be checked on internet websites or with a special application.

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