Andrea Pirlo in a DRUTEX Social Media Interview




DRUTEX offered its Facebook followers the possibility to ask questions to the three brand ambassadors Phillip Lahm, Jakub Błaszczykowski and Andrea Pirlo and, thus, to take part in the initiative DRUTEX Social Media Interview.


In this two-stage interview, football fans who follow DRUTEX on Facebook could ask questions through comments under the relevant post on the company FB profile. The selection of questions that were answered by our great footballers will be published on DRUTEX website. The questions have already been answered by Jakub Błaszczykowski, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder, and Philipp Lahm, the captain of the world champion’s team; now it is Andrea Pirlo’s turn, the star of Juventus Turin. Enjoy the reading!


Patrick Kopaczel:

What has been the most beautiful and the worst moment in your spectacular career?



Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Patrick, the best moment in my career has definitely been winning the World Cup in 2006; the worst has been a defeat in Champion’s League final against Barcelona a month ago.





Patrick Kopaczel:

Who is your role model?



Andrea Pirlo:

Roberto Baggio is one of my role models. I had the honor to play with him in Brescia Calcio 1911.





Jakub Świtek: 

What do you associate with Poland?



Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Jakub, I have many great memories connected with Karol Wojtyła. Now, thanks to DRUTEX, I am getting to know Poland a bit better.






Krzysiek Janowicz: 

What is going to be the next title that you will win, and in which team will we have the pleasure to watch you?




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Krzysiek, I’ll try to win in MLS League with my new team:

New York City FC.





Mateusz Pudrzyński: 

How did you feel when in 2006 in Germany Fabio Grosso scored the decisive penalty kick in the World Championship?




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Mateusz, after incredible stress – an explosion of joy and excitement. It was a fabulous feeling.






Wojtek Brzuzy:

What do you think about talent hunting in backyard pitches?




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Wojtek, I think that talent is inborn – no matter if you play in a yard or a club. It is important to train and develop continuously.






Wojciech Szmyt: 

You are a fantastic person. I’ve read your biography – a great book. I think one can learn a lot from you – about football and about life. I have one question: how do you cope with fear? What situations, in your opinion, require courage? I haven’t had a chance to make birthday wishes, so „tanti auguri Andrea Pirlo!”




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Wojciech, when life puts you in a difficult situation and you are fearful, you have to react with bravery and find a way to overcome difficulties.






Waldek Górny: 

Which of the two clubs– AC Milan or Juventus – is more important to you and which plays better football?



Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Waldek, all the clubs you play for must be important to you. They are two great teams. I had the honor to play for both of them, to succeed with both, and I will never forget this fantastic time.






Daniel Kolwas: 

What are your plans for the future – what are you going to do after you finish your football career?




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Daniel, my adventure in MLS is about to start. Therefore, I still concentrate on my career as a footballer and I don’t think too much about what will happen next.






Rosana Matos: 

Is anything missing in your life?



Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Rosana, I am a happy man because for now, all my dreams have come true. That’s why I don’t think anything is missing in my life.






Hubert Hęciak LP: 

How do you train your shooting technique? How can one improve scoring goals?




Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Hubert, training, training… and training again.





Paweł Zawadzki: 

Who, in your opinion, is currently the best footballer in the world?




Andrea Pirlo:

I reckon that currently the best players are Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.





Mateusz Wasil: 

What is the best wine you have tasted and you could recommend?


                   Andrea Pirlo: Hi Mateusz, obviously - my own :-)





Maciej Ziółkowski: 

How long do you intend to play football professionally?



Andrea Pirlo:

Hi Maciej, for now, I’m not thinking of quitting my career. I reckon that I will stop playing when I stop feeling the ambition to play.

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