DRUTEX windows with the world-warmest Swisspacer Ultimate frame.


DRUTEX applies in its windows the world-warmest Swisspacer Ultimate frame from the global Saint-Gobain concern. Windows equipped with the modern frame are an answer to the tightening requirements regarding energy efficiency. Swisspacer Ultimate frame, certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, has the world-highest Psi (ψ) linear factor coefficient. Owing to its perfect thermal properties, it lowers thermal transmittance for the window by 12%*!

A very important aspect while designing an energy-efficient or passive house is to ensure the best possible thermal insulation and tightness of all the partitions. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the parameters of window woodwork, expressed in thermal transmittance (Uw). The lower its value, the less heat loss occurs. Experienced producers apply innovative solutions, which helps to protect the crucial and sensitive places exposed to potential heat loss. Swisspacer Ultimate frame, used in DRUTEX windows, has the highest Psi (ψ) coefficient available on the market, offering the best guarantee of energy efficiency and comfort in window operation*.The perfect properties of Swisspacer Ultimate have been confirmed through tests of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

Innovation for the energy efficient construction

The material used for the production of a spacer is significant for the energy balance of the window, together with the structure of the window profile, the shape and position of the chambers, as well as the structure of the glass package. Unlike the commonly used aluminium frames, Swisspacer Ultimate is made of high-quality organic materials, optimized in technical terms and reinforced with glass fibre. From the outside, the frame has been additionally wrapped in thin, innovative film that ensures a 100% hermetic seal of the gases that fill the space between the windowpanes. As a result, the window will not lose its insulation properties, and the water vapour does not infiltrate inside the glass package. The application of Swisspacer Ultimate frame helps to improve thermal transmittance for the window up to 12% comparing to a window equipped with the same composite glass with an aluminium frame. It translates into annual savings of 5% of the heating costs and a decrease in carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere*. Combined with the top-quality A class profiles, made exclusively of primary material, and the intelligent glass packages, Swisspacer Ultimate technology makes DRUTEX windows perfectly compatible with the idea of sustainable construction.

Comfort in every respect

Not only does the ultra-warm Swisspacer Ultimate frame help save energy, but it also guarantees healthy and comfortable microclimate in the rooms. The temperature of the internal part of the window, on the joint of the frame and the composite glass, goes up, which reduces the condensation on the edge of the pane in wintertime. As a result, the risk of mould formation is minimized. An extra advantage of the application of the Swisspacer Ultimate frame is the fact that the frame does not cause the unpleasant feeling of cold when touching it with the hand. The modern frame constitutes a response to the latest design trends. The wide colour range of the frame includes 17 shades, which allows matching the element perfectly to the colour of the whole window.

Energy efficiency as the base of the modern window

DRUTEX windows epitomise modernity. The cutting-edge Iglo Energy PVC system, which is made of A class profiles manufactured exclusively of primary material, represents an answer to growing expectations regarding energy efficiency. It is the world-first solution equipped with a seal made of foamed EPDM. Thermal transmittance at Uw=0,6 W/(m2K)** is almost 100% better parameter than the one required on Polish market! The new window is the perfect solution for energy efficient and passive houses. The application of the Swisspacer frame, available only from DRUTEX, improves the thermal insulation parameters of the window, therefore, it guarantees higher energy savings.

*According to Saint Gobain data
 ** For a window 1230x1480 according to CSI in the Czech Republic

DRUTEX The Construction Company of the Year!
Leszek Gierszewski, awarded the title ‘Top Manager 2014’

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