Drutex implements V-Perfect technology


Drutex with the beginning of new year has implemented V-Perfect technology which allows to obtain so called thin welding in the Iglo 5 Classic, Iglo Energy Classic, Iglo Light window and door systems, as well as in the Iglo-HS lift and slide systems. This solution extends the already impressive list od advantages of PVC windows.

The cutting-edge V-Perfect solution, available in Drutex products, enables to connect the profiles perfectly, which guarantees major improvement in clamp control and welding.  This  technology is an answer to  market expectations and bigger possibilities to shape the window and door structures that stand out for elegant design and corner aesthetics. 

- The V-Perfect solution implemented in our offer generally brings about complete elimination of flashes. It allows to obtain extra aesthetic values, required by numerous Clients, and it practically eliminates the necessity for mechanical machining of corners that is essential in traditional technology. Another advantage of this welding technology is exceptional accuracy and precision of execution. What is more, the increased seal area allows to obtain very good parameters in resistance test of the corners. – says Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex S.A.

Windows in V-Perfect technology are manufactured for each color of film in Drutex offer. At the same time all the parameters of window and door systems regarding their energy efficiency, safety, functionality and durability remain at invariable, high level.

Modern technology in window production is another novelty in Drutex offer. The company regularly expands its product range and it customizes products to individual markets and clients all over the world.  The company is the first in the industry to have devised an innovative window system SmartWindow that can easily replace a TV-set, a smartphone or a tablet, which constitutes an important step in the development of the Drutex smart home concept. Windows in V-Perfect technology perfectly complement Drutex offer in the range of cutting-edge window and door systems. 

At the same time the company invests in production capacity, efficiency of operations and service quality. It goes from strength to strength, launching spectacular projects. One example is the construction od a new production hall which started at the end of 2018, that covers the area of over 14.000 m2. The new investment will enhance development and production autonomy which is the basis for development as well as an inherent part of the company policy.  

Drutex at the BAU exhibition in Munich
Another award for Drutex

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