Drutex among „Most important companies for Poland”


Drutex has been awarded in the prestigious Rzeczpospolita daily ranking ‘Most important companies for Poland’ in the ‘Individual enterprise’ category. The company received extra recognition for involvement in the fight against crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Most important companies for Poland’ ranking reflects key trends in the current business. Apart from hard economic indicators the ranking takes into account the role that the company plays in the social reality – from tax issues, the level and forms of employment, initiatives supporting local communities, to actions in climate protection.

The contest jury took into account: business and economic indicators such as scale of operations, financial results, workforce, investment engagement in the country, tax volume paid in Poland and contributions to the environment and climate protection. Another important factor was social and charity contributions as well as actions for local communities. The jury also appreciated the level of company actions for the creation and development of strong Polish brands and products.

- I started in 1985, with just one employee. However, I always had ambition, aspirations and dreams to create a strong and modern company. Since the beginning I focused on sound foundations and it paid off. Thanks to hard work and involvement I built a company that today is one of the biggest producers of windows, doors and roller shutters in Europe – says Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of Drutex.  – I have always acted a bit against economic theories and the widely accepted business principles. The company condition and the award confirm that such actions make sense. That I know something about running a business. Although I always say that my role comes down to saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I invented Drutex over three decades ago, but it is people who create it with me. Today it’s over 3300 staff. They are extraordinary and committed professionals. The current company position is our common success. We have achieved huge international success, but I still say the best is yet to come – adds L. Gierszewski.  

The jury appreciated Drutex’ national and global development. They evaluated highly the distribution network, consisting of over 4500 trade partners worldwide, and commitment to export that amounts to 75 percent of the company sales. A vital criterion was also the scale of international expansion and Drutex’ success abroad.  Another key factor  was  the scale of investment – just in 2019 the company allocated over 130 million PLN, launching i.a. one of the most cutting-edge paint shops in Europe.

The jury awarded Drutex additionally for the involvement in the fight against global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The president Leszek Gierszewski launched the nation-wide campaign ‘Helping. Together’ (jestesmyrazem.org/) by donating over 3 million PLN to hospitals. He also invited other companies to cooperate. The response was huge. Dozens of companies joined in, and the worth of the aid that reached the hospitals and other facilities has already exceeded 50 million PLN.

- We are helping because because it’s necessary. And we act together because this way we are able to execute bigger projects. The word ‘solidarity’ in these difficult times has a new meaning says Leszek Gierszewski, the honorary chairman of the campaign board. 

DRUTEX the official sponsor of Tour de Pologne
Leszek Gierszewski the winner of the „European Leadership Awards”


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