Another DRUTEX point of sale in Solinger, Germany


At the end of August Fensterwelten company will open a new sales office in North Rhine-Westphalia. It confirms its dynamic development, based exclusively on cooperation with Drutex – the leading producer of window and door woodwork in Europe. The new showroom, covering 80 m2 , will showcase and sell products from the wide range of windows, doors and roller shutters.

Drutex products feature top quality and durability, exceptional aesthetics, as well as comfortable usage, while achieving great parameters in energy efficiency. At the same time cooperation with the produces has been based on partnership, which is the basic guarantor for effectiveness. An added value in our relations is the promotion of our showrooms on Drutex website, as well as access to direct contacts of interested wholesale and retail clients from our areas of business – said powiedział Mirosław Pobłocki, the owner of Fensterwelten.

Marcin Kloska, Drutex sales director: 'I am happy about the great results of cooperation with Fensterwelten. Our main priority is, with the network of 4500 trade partners, to enhance the development of each of them. Fensterwelten throughout years of cooperation, has proven to be a loyal and reliable partner with perfect customer service, creating perfect prospects for the future.

The newly opened showroom exhibits a wide range of window and door systems made of PVC, aluminum and wood, as well as a combination of wood and aluminum. The spacious exposition surface ensures perfect conditions for the exhibition. Apart from numerous entrance doors – including the new aluminum system with tailor-made image – you may also see the cutting-edge terrace and patio doors. What is more, it also showcases internal and adaptation roller shutters. What is more, the visitors will obtain expert advice that takes into account special requirements regarding color, shapes and individual preferences.

Drutex supports the Jakub Błaszczykowski football tournament.


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