Two years have passed in October 2016 since DRUTEX launched the European Fenestration Centre (the EFC), i.e. the modern production facility that constitutes the biggest ever investment in the over thirty-year history of the company. In spring this year we successfully completed the second stage of the investment. The total production area of the company amounts to ca. 95 000 m2, and soon it will allow to produce up to 7000 windows a day.


The production and office complex was built in two stages. The first hall covering ca. 30 000 m2

was launched in October 2014. In the second quarter of this year production kicked off  in the other hall, an impressive facility 194m long and 120 m wide. The complex has been equipped with modern machinery for windows and doors production, assembly lines for manufacturing of composite glass, as well as a glass hardening plant. It must be emphasized that DRUTEX does not only use machines from renowned companies, but is also devises its own technological solutions and creates its own production machines and equipment which allow to optimize operations and to adopt them to the requirements of cutting-edge products.


Apart from PVC woodwork DRUTEX also produces aluminum and wooden windows and facades, as well wood and aluminum systems. What is more, this year the company has devised its own concept of PVC and aluminum roller shutters system. As a result, the enterprise is planning to significantly increase production capacity of roller shutters from 5000 to 1000 shutters a day.   In response to the growing demands of the global market, in order to ensure top quality of the woodwork and to control it on all production stages, the window producer has set up its own testing and quality control laboratory which guarantees best quality of all product categories thanks to the cutting-edge methods. Tests and research cover the stage of PVC profiles production as well as finished products, and the laboratories are equipped with technologically advanced machines, similar to the one that is used by IFT Rosenheim, one of the most important European research institutions. The window organization and testing takes place under the auspices of the German institute. 


„The European Fenestration Centre represents a milestone in the company history. It constitutes a significant boost to production capacity for our company, which allows us to grow dynamically and to increase expansion abroad in view of the growing interest in our products. The demand for our products on global markets proves that the investment has been the right step for the company and a key strategic decision for future development. With the new production area, our production capacity has increased regarding our current offer, as well as for the expansion of our product range. And we are full of ideas. We already know that the new production area of our company is not enough. We are currently planning other stages of development in order to meet the constantly growing demand  for our products in Poland and abroad. ” – this is how Mirosław Furtan, DRUTEX CEO, sums up the two years of the European Fenestration Centre.


The dynamic growth of the window producer shows that the 200 million zloty that we have invested in the last three years, have been well allocated. DRUTEX closed the past year with a record income



of 620 million PLN, which represents a 19% sales dynamics comparing to the corresponding period of the previous year. Only in foreign sales the company recorded an increase of 26% comparing to 2014. Our most important export markets include invariably Germany, Italy, France and the USA. 


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