Leszek Gierszewski: this year we will easily exceed one bilion


Following the positive changes at Drutex board of management, the Bytów company achieved record results in 2019. Sales income reached  PLN 980 million, and net profit amounted to PLN 98 million. It was an increase by 7 and 15 percent respectively. Last year EBITDA amounted to PLN 163 million with investment of PLN 123 million.

The leading producer of window and door woodwork in Europe is going from strength to strength, according to Leszek Gierszewski, Drutex president and founder, in 2020 the company under his management will easily exceed the magical PLN 1 billion income and 100 million of net profit. The company achieved record results despite increase in operating costs.    

- I won’t be modest when I say that the results for 2019 show that my vision of company development is right and in line with dynamic progress. Changes in the board of management were an excellent decision, as a result with the new managers we were free to implement the necessary programs that enhanced efficiency. We focus on optimization and automation on the production level as well as business level. We have tightened and integrated a number of processes inside the organization. The efforts of the new board contributed to significant decrease in costs of materials while increasing sales, which confirms that in the last 3 quarters we have taken a key step toward improvement in management quality, also noticed by our clients. However, we do not rest on laurels. In full awareness I may declare that in 2020 we will easily exceed PLN 1 billion income and 100 million net profit – announced Leszek Gierszewski, Drutex president and founder.

He also added that the profit will be allocated to development, in line with the company philosophy, achieved mainly through organic work. Drutex will soon start the construction of another hall that will be equipped with world most modern machine park. – It isn’t that difficult to increase sales volume at the expense of profits. You run business not for incomes, but for profits, and the latter ones had a record growth.

- As an analyst I have been observing Drutex for a long time. Since it was a difficult year on the European market, achieving such a result is especially remarkable, and the plans for 2020 are impressive because this year, as we know, will be difficult for a number of reasons. Drutex is associated with top quality and good price which obviously is reflected in results. As Poland we are the leader in window and door woodwork in Europe, we feel at home there and we conquer the market with confidence – thinks Michał Sztabler, Noble Securities analyst.

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