DRUTEX celebrates its 35th anniversary


Drutex celebrates 35th anniversary of operations. Since the company was set up it has been consistently managed by the founder and President Leszek Gierszewski. Under his guidance and thanks to his business talents Drutex has become the leading producer of window and door woodwork in Europe, starting from a manufacturer of i.a. wire fence, wire and wire products or nails. Today the company hires over 3300 staff on 110.000 mproduction area.

- 35-anniversary of Drutex’ consistent operations  is a very important jubilee. I have devoted more than half of my life to the company. I built it from scratch, and thanks to the strategy focusing on development and with the support of amazing staff, we have become  a tycoon in the window and door industry in Europe. I had a modest start, with one, two employees and the production of wire, wire fence, nails, to the manufacture of windows, doors and roller shutters. Each year we invest dozens, or even hundreds of million zloty in cutting-edge production space, in research and development, as well as innovative machines and equipment, which translates into our market success. Today, I am fully convinced that thanks to decades of work and commitment I have created a company that enjoys indisputable international reputation. Drutex brand is now a synonym of high quality, professionalism and trust for Clients all over the world, and the loyal base of trade partners and the number of prestigious projects constitute our best references. However, I always repeat that we are just at the start of road to development, and the best is yet to come – says Leszek Gierszewski, CEO of DRUTEX S.A. 

Milestones in the company development 

In 1985 Leszek Gierszewski set up the company under the trade name of Wytwarzanie Wyrobów z Drutu, Łańcuchów i Sprężyn (Manufacture of Wire Products, Chains and Springs) handling the production of fence wire. Two years later, the operations were expanded with wire production. In 1998 the founder launched the production of steel sheet roof tiles. Then the production plant was in Wiklino near Słupsk, and soon the production of nails took place in Bytów, where Leszek Gierszewski bought the first state privatized plant in the voivodship after the election in June 1989. The change of the name to Drutex was the result of this action and it has been in operation since January 1991. Due to the dynamic development of the company in 1994 Leszek Gierszewski started the production on PVC windows and composite glass, later on – aluminum and wooden windows, doors and roller shutters. In 2002 by the will of Leszek Gierszewski, a partnership was formed under the name DRUTEX S.A. The name directly refers to the original core business of the company developed under the management of Leszek Gierszewski. 

Since then the company has been developing dynamically, it achieves international success, and, importantly, it improves its sales results each year. The strength and potential of the company is confirmed by the fact in its 35 years it has never recorder a decrease in sales and it is going from strength to strength. 

Success and new investments   

The company each year allocates  dozens, or even hundreds of millions of zloty to investments, which is the basis for operations and success. Just in 2019 the company invested over 93 million PLN! The result is i.a. the cutting-edge production hall covering 14 thousand m2,  where one of most modern paint shops in Europe will be launched soon. What is more, last year Drutex started a cutting-edge, automated plastic injection department equipped with renowned machinery and industrial robots.  In the coming weeks will also start the extension of the company office building and realization of another production hall covering the area of dozens of thousands square meters, which will allow to improve and optimize production processes in the company. At the same time Drutex started the design work connected with the planned construction of the biggest production hall covering 60 thousand m2. 

Drutex today! 

Drutex is a giant company, one of the leading window producers in Europe. In the factory  each day ca. 7 thousand tailor-made windows are manufactured from PVC, wood and aluminum, as well as facades, winter gardens, roller shutters and doors. The company stands out for comprehensive offer and speed of operations. It has a network consisting of a few thousand trade partners all over the world. Apart from Poland it sells its products in dozens of counties: i.a. in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Mexico and the USA, or even New Zealand. The strength of the company lies in production autonomy. It produces by itself top-quality window and door PVC profiles, in A-class, exclusively from prime material, as well as composite glass. Own R&D constantly devises new products. The direction that the company heads in is the implementation of industry 4.0, based on modern IT technologies, automation and robotization of production.


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