DRUTEX’ stand among the best ones at the Budma exhibition in Poznan


Drutex has obtained the prestigious Acanthus Aureus award for its stand at the Budma. The exceptional arrangement that outlines the celebration of 35th anniversary of the company has been appreciated by the chapter consisting of outstanding experts in design, marketing and exhibition. This year’s International Exhibition of Construction and Architecture is held in Poznan between 4 and 7 February.

Drutex, celebrating this year its 35th anniversary, has prepared an exceptional stand for the Budma exhibition. On 300 square meters the company set up friendly space to showcase its products, with perfectly  integrated meeting zone. This year Drutex stand definitely dominates at the Poznan exhibition. The design draws visitors to learn about the company offer. The stand features an impressive LED screen showing Drutex visualizations and pictures, and an effective installation was mounted above elegant display stands with the company products. Black and white colors combined with plant elements and diffused light build an atmosphere of elegance and prestige, and they emphasize the strength of Drutex brand. Drutex’ stand at the Budma exhibition obtained the  Acanthus Aureus award yet again. The previous award for best design of exhibition space was given to the company in 2019. 

BUDMA 2020 the International Exhibition of Construction and Architecture is an event that gathers all the construction sector. The trade fair presents new product, technological and service offer from almost 1000 companies in Poland and abroad. It the time of market premieres, technological innovations, establishing new business contacts and contracts that enhance development. 

- Our stands have beenawarded at construction trade fairs in Europe for years. This year, when we celebrate 35th anniversary, it couldn’t be any different. The award is a confirmation that our architects in the project perfectly reflect the character of our company, based on cutting-edge, innovative solutions, top quality  and elegance – said Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex S.A. 

Acanthus Aureus, that is the Golden Acanthus, has been awarded at the Poznan exhibition since 2003. The origin of the name is a combination of two words:  Acanthus associated with classic patterns and Aureus that stands for top laurels in almost every area of life. The aim of the award is recognition of the best architectural and graphic solutions that enhance direct communication with the client and they also emphasize the positive company image. 

At the Poznan exhibition, Drutex, the leading producer of windows, doors and roller shutters in Europe, showcased PVC, wooden and aluminum window and door systems, as well as original roller shutter systems, i.a. the market novelty roller shutters with Styrofoam box. The smart control and access systems also generated a lot of interest. 

DRUTEX yet again gains the title of the Construction Company of the Year
DRUTEX celebrates its 35th anniversary

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