Leszek Gierszewski has received an award for international expansion


Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of Drutex – one of leaders in window and door woodwork in Europe – has received a special award for ‘International Expansion’ in 18th edition of The Entrepreneur of the Year contest held by EY Poland.

The Entrepreneur of the Year is an international initiative that promotes the best entrepreneurs. The contest has been conducted by EY since 1986, with the participation of almost 60 countries.

Leszek Gierszewski, the finalist in the “Product and services’’ category, received the special award for ‘International Expansion’ at the gala that took place on March 4 in Warsaw. The award was given in cooperation with the Polish Development Fund for ‘creating a globally recognizable champion, resilient in weathering crisis’.

- Today I employ3850 people. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my staff. I’m the founder, co-owner and president of the company. My role comes down to formulating a strategy, a direction, surrounding myself with smart people and saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the end. Success means never making a mistake. And I manage to do it. If only I had more indoor area, since this is what limits me, the company would be double the size. However, we’re working on it together. This award is a tribute to my smart, committed staff. I wish to sincerely thank all of them  - said Leszek Gierszewski, Drutex president and founder, having received the award. 

The jury of the Entrepreneur of the Year EY contest makes decisions about the best entrepreneurs taking into account aspects such as: enterprise, strategy, international operations, innovation and relations with the staff and environment. The award is given to entrepreneurs who stand out for vision, innovative thinking and business success.

The award for Leszek Gierszewski is a culmination of the record 2020. Not only did Drutex record first-ever revenue of over PLN billion, but is also strengthened its position on global markets. Some of them brough a two-digit increase. Today, over 75 percent of production is exported, and windows, doors and roller shutters from Bytów can be found on all inhabited continents. They have been installed in numerous prestigious locations, such as the Hyatt, the Holiday Inn, the Sheraton, the Marriott in New York, or the world- biggest LEGO factory in Mexico. Currently, the company cooperates with a few thousand trade partners. they make sure that products from Bytów reach  the far corners of the globe. 

Drutex has been executing multi-million investments for years. Just in 2020 the company launched the most cutting-edge paint shop in Europe, and it started the construction on a new office building and a high-storage warehouse. What is more, it increased the transport fleet to over 400 vehicles. In 2021 it is planning to build its biggest production hall covering over 7.5 hectares. Currently, all the halls amount to 11 hectares.

Drutex with the Superbrands title
Drutex SA - a partner of the „Beksiński in Warsaw” exhibition


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