07 / 11 / 2022

S90 and Z90 – novelties in DRUTEX offer

DRUTEX expanded its offer by highly functional models of façade blinds with S90 and Z90 lamellas. This is already the second production line for facade blinds that the company owns. Before, in December 2020, DRUTEX purchased a production line for C-shaped lamellas.

All models of facade blinds are manufactured in the company, created from scratch. It guarantees full control over the whole production process, from zero to the finished product, and therefore, top quality. Blinds, just like windows and doors, are only custom made in DRUTEX.  

New facade blinds with S90 and Z90 lamellas from DRUTEX complete the company’s product range. The first implemented model, C80, has very quickly become very popular with Clients in Poland and abroad, due to high quality, precision of execution and fast realization.  I am convinced that the new types of blinds will be received enthusiastically by our partners worldwide – says Gabriela Gusztyn-Popławska,  PR director in  DRUTEX S.A. 

Facade blinds from DRUTEX are very resistant to weather conditions: wind, water, humidity or sunrays, thanks to the application of top-quality materials and paint coating. They will look equally well for years, just like right after installation. New blinds guarantee even better shading and soundproofing. 

The definite advantage of DRUTEX façade blinds is the possibility to adjust the inclination angle of the lamellas. It enables to customize and control sunlight in the building and allows to shade the interior optimally, without the necessity to cover the windows completely. It is a perfect solution e.g. for parents when they need a shaded room for the children’s nap during the day. 

This is not the end when it comes to the advantages of DRUTEX’ novelties. Façade blinds help to save energy, which is a huge asset in the times of high electricity and heating bills.  What plays a key role here is the possibility to integrate the new blinds with smart home systems and to control them with a smartphone or tablet. A standard in the new blinds is the mounted Somfy engine with overload function, obstacle detection and the option of remote control. With the smart solutions that help to control the work of radiators, thermostat and blinds, you can decrease heating bills. Tangible benefits also derive from smart light management. What is more, a convenient solution is coupling with weather stations, which enhances the usage comfort of façade blinds.  

New DRUTEX blinds are available in façade or top-mounted systems, and the guiderails may be recessed or self-supporting. Additionally, clients may choose from the range of six attractive and durable colors. What is important, they are matt, which guarantees no annoying reflection. 

The blinds may be adjusted to any architectural style. Thanks to unique design they are in line with current trends that opt for large glazing. Equipped with wind force sensor, the blinds guarantee the right safety level (they will retract automatically when necessary). They may also work in sections – smart control allows to lower and lift them in specific times of day in independent sections. 

Installation of the blinds is possible in residential and commercial buildings (offices, hotels, public facilities). Both the existing ones, as well as ones under construction.


  • Always top quality of execution from best materials.
  • Outstanding resistance to weather conditions.
  • Six attractive, matt colors with a guarantee of durability.
  • Perfect protection of the interior against excessive sunlight with smooth adjustment.
  • Privacy and protection against prying eyes.
  • Lower heating and electricity bills.
  • Consistency with current architectural trends
  • Coupling with weather stations and smart control systems.
  • Installation in both new and existing buildings
  • As a standard Somfy engine with with overload function, obstacle detection and remote control option.

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