22 / 11 / 2022

Facades offered by DRUTEX are valued across the world

The extensive product range of DRUTEX, a leading European manufacturer of windows and doors, also includes building facades. Aluminium and glass structures made by the Polish company decorate many prestigious sites, such as the Hilton Hotel in New York and the Lego factory in Mexico. Solutions like that never go out of fashion.

AMD Telecommunications GmbH from Cologne, Germany, is yet another company that has recently benefitted from DRUTEX'S extensive product range. They erected a new office building measuring 16 metres in height and 9 in width — that's 4 whole floors plus a ground floor. "It looks unique and very imposing. DRUTEX facades are impressive and eye-catching. This is one of my larger projects. Working in an office building like that is bound to give you complete comfort", says Miroslaw Poblocki, Installation Engineer. All the windows in the office building have been fitted with facade blinds — all made by DRUTEX, of course.

Fasady firmy DrutexFasady i żaluzje fasadowe firmy DrutexFasada BMG Goworowski w Gdyni

DRUTEX facades also decorate the J. & A. Garcarek showroom — an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer in Konin. The grand opening of the Konin showroom took place in October this year. Earlier, DRUTEX also installed facades in other car showrooms, including Mercedes-Benz BMG Goworowski Gdynia and BMW Zdunek in Gdańsk.

"We chose DRUTEX because it is a brand known in the market not only for the high quality of its products but also for its business credibility. It offers the highest quality products, and only such products befit the make of cars we sell in our showroom. The short turnaround time for the entire order was not insignificant either. Everything went as it should. Our customers all admire the end result," says Andrzej Garcarek of Mercedes-Benz Auto Partner J. & A. Garcarek.

Large, stylish glazings made by DRUTEX are found in many buildings both in Poland and abroad. These include the New York Hilton Hotel and the Hyatt, Sheraton and Mariott hotels in the USA, as well as the Lego factory and a gold mine in Mexico.

Full customisation

Large glazed structures never go out of fashion. The facade is the hallmark of any building. Today's technology enables virtually unrestricted, daring architectural designs. Customers need to be able to personalise their products of choice, and DRUTEX makes that fully possible.

"It's a promising market. We have many advantages that allow us to develop in this segment. They include, above all, excellent product quality combined with modern and functional design, as well as short deadlines. Our company's aluminium and glass structures are distinguished by their high strength and long-term durability. They are safe and stable. We offer MB-SR 50 N / MB-SR 50 N HI facades made from high-end materials. Depending on their expectations, Customers can adjust the individual design at will, e.g. by choosing tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornamental or solar protective glass panes, or glass panes with enhanced sound insulation. On top of that, we offer a wide range of colours, and having our own paint shop gives us an additional advantage since it helps us deliver products faster and in any colour of choice", says Gabriela Gusztyn-Popławska, PR director at DRUTEX.

Customers can now choose more than 200 profile colours, and the one they opt for will be applied by Europe's most cutting-edge aluminium powder coating plant, one of the few of its kind in the world, which DRUTEX has built for its own use. This guarantees an extremely durable coating and colour depth for many years regardless of weather conditions. As a standard, we offer matt paints that do not cause dazzling sunlight reflections.

In addition to this extensive range of colours, Customers can also choose glass panes with excellent Ug parameters, reaching as low as 0.3 (m2W). The excellent thermal insulation properties are not all, however, since Customers can choose from as many as 16 types of glass. This allows DRUTEX to fully adapt the product to the specifics of each investment project. If the building is located in a noisy area, it is advisable to choose glass panes with Sound Reduction, which significantly improves the noise insulation of the building. In contrast, SunGuard glass panes are recommended for the sunniest sections of the facade to protect the interior from excessive temperature rises. DRUTEX'S product range also includes anti-burglary glass panes to keep your property secure and "unwanted visitors" outside.

Compliant with European standards

DRUTEX facades allow you to shape your project in line with modern building architecture principles. Owing to the shapes of their columns and bolts, DRUTEX solutions make it possible to build aesthetic facades with narrow dividing lines. Moreover, the profiles are compatible with other window and door systems by DRUTEX.

"Our many years of experience and extensive technological know-how enable us to create large, energy-efficient glazing, which certainly has its advantages, especially in today's energy crisis era. Our company's woodwork and facades are used in construction all over the world. They are used to set up glazed facades in office buildings, public buildings, commercial and service buildings and industrial buildings, as well as increasingly in residential buildings. We enable the creation of various facade shapes, as well as freedom of arrangement in line with European standards, due to the high static parameters of the profiles", Gabriela Gusztyn-Popławska added.

Completing each facade is the front door. The extensive range of models, colours and configuration options of DRUTEX doors is bound to satisfy even the most demanding Customers. Much like our facade blinds and external Venetian blinds, which are ideal for large glazed areas (DRUTEX offers C80, Z90 and S90 shutters).

"We receive favourable feedback on our facades from across the world. This is the best recommendation testifying to the high quality of the products we offer", Gabriela Gusztyn-Popławska notes.

Tailor-made products

DRUTEX is a Polish company with 37 years of history, founded from scratch by Leszek Gierszewski. It is now a global brand, with products reaching more than 40 countries on all continents. Each window, door or façade is created from scratch, always to individual order. Their lead times are among the shortest on the European market. DRUTEX'S constantly expanded product range includes PVC aluminium and wooden windows, as well as PVC and aluminium doors, facade blinds and external Venetian blinds, and facades and winter gardens.

Advantages of DRUTEX facades:

  • Excellent quality materials used in production.
  • Production only to individual order.
  • Full customisation (shape, glass pane type, profile colours).
  • Modern design in line with global trends.
  • Most cutting-edge solutions on the global market.
  • In-house aluminium profile paint shop (over 200 durable colours to choose from).
  • Quality control at each production stage (in-house testing laboratory).
  • One of the shortest lead times on the European market.
  • Compatibility with other window and door systems as well as facade blinds and external Venetian blinds by DRUTEX.
  • Compliance with European standards.

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