The original system of Drutex PVC roller shutters are already on the market!


In January Drutex  has launched the original system of PVC roller shutters that is the work of own research and development department. The modern structure stands out for a number of innovative solutions that ensure both usage comfort and perfect energy efficiency parameters.

The new system of external PVC roller shutters was devised by Drutex engineers in 100%. Months of work on development of modern technology allowed to create a product fully in line with current market trends and Clients’ needs.


The external PVC roller shutters is a system of roller shutters integrated with the window that may be applied during the construction of the house or when changing windows. The system enables complete built-in internally and externally, so that the only visible parts are the roller guide, the aluminum armor and the bottom revision cover, which constitutes an expression of modern construction.




Traits of  Drutex roller shutters

The optimum structure of the roller shutter and the refined details constitute an expression of innovative design. The biggest advantages of the Drutex system lie in the application of solutions that are very rare among other leading producers of roller shutters. Modern PVC roller shutters have been equipped with i.a. so called warm reinforcement console made of plastic, which, unlike steel consoles on the market, significantly improves energy efficiency parameters and it allows to obtain the optimum structure rigidity.


At the same time, the company offers its Clients the option to combine the roller shutter with various window systems thanks to the application of a special adapter. It is an original design of a lath that connects the roller shutter with the window equipped with seal. It guarantees optimum tightness and allows to obtain great parameters in thermal insulation and air permeability. Depending on the installed window and the applied adapter we offer boxes 215 mm high for  Iglo 5 and Iglo Energy systems, and 225 mm high for other Drutex systems. The slats, filled with insulating foam, are available in 37mm, 42 mm and 55 mm width.


Color range of the roller shutters 

The roller shutter has smart design so that the installation of the mosquito net is possible on the outside and on the inside of the roller shutter armor, and specially designed reinforcement ensures optimum system rigidity, as well as resistance to wind pressure and suction.

Drutex roller shutters are available in a wide color range. Both boxes and guide rails, made of PVC, and  aluminum armors come in various color range, including woodgrain colors. Variety of roller drives and protection fulfills Clients’ expectations and requirements of modern construction.


Smart roller shutter systems 

Drutex roller shutters are perfectly in line with the concept of smart building popular in Poland and worldwide. Modern systems are equipped with technology that allows to control roller shutters with a remote control, a telephone or a tablet. Smart solutions applied in roller shutters control include weather sensors that enable us to obtain uncompromising comfort in case of a weather change. 


Original Drutex roller shutters in PVC systems have been available in the company offer since the beginning of the year and they allow to create interior designs coherent with modern Drutex window and door woodwork.

Drutex once again supports the GOCC.
Drutex products at the Budma International Fair in Poznań!

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