Top Builder for Drutex external roller shutters


Drutex external roller shutters have received one of the most prestigious awards in the construction industry - Top Builder 2018. The jury of the contest appreciated the product for innovative solutions, in line with the idea of modern construction. The award ceremony took place on 27 March in Warsaw.

The new system of external PVC roller shutters, launched in January this year,  was devised by Drutex research and development department. It enables a built-in internally and externally, so that the only visible parts are the roller guide, the aluminum armor and the bottom revision cover. The biggest advantages of the system lie in the application of solutions that are very rare among other leading producers of roller shutters. Apart from the application of so-called warm console made of plastic, we applied in this system a special adapter equipped with an innovative seal that enables to combine the roller shutter with various window systems.

For a few years Drutex has been equipping its products with smart solutions that allow to control window and door woodwork with a smartphone, a tablet or a remote control. As a result, Drutex roller shutters open and close by themselves at selected times of the day, slide in integrated groups or individually, giving us full control over our house even when we are out. Today Drutex roller shutters represent not just energy efficiency and safety, but also usage comfort and modern design.

- We are delighted with the award, especially that we were the only company in the industry awarded the Top Builder title. It proves that our products are top-quality and our solutions set development trends for all the woodwork market. They constitute an answer to clients’ expectations all over the world - said Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex.

Top Builder is one of the most valued awards in the construction industry. The title and the statuette are given for top-quality products and construction solutions and realizations that applied cutting-edge architectural, construction, material and technological solutions, to IT products that are used in architecture and construction, as well as  financial services, projects, initiatives and enterprises dedicated to the construction industry.

The solemn jubilee 10th Top Builder Gala 2017 took place on 27 March 2018 at the Polish Olympic Committee headquarters in Warsaw.

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