„Rzeczpospolita” daily for 18th time has published the ‘500 List’ – a ranking that presents the biggest Polish companies. DRUTEX, the biggest producer of vertical windows in Europe, is again present in the summary, having considerably improved its position in the list, which indicates the company great condition and development potential. 

In the XVIII edition of the ‘500 List’ DRUTEX took 401st position. It means that, in comparison to last year, the company has achieved record advance by 62 positions. In 2015 DRUTEX’ sales revenues increased by 19% to more than 620 million zl. The double-digit growth dynamics regards both Polish market and foreign sales.

DRUTEX has been implementing pro-investment development policy for years. Each year, the company allocates tens, or even hundreds of million zl to investment in production capacity, expanding the product portfolio and innovativeness of the offer.   Just in the past two years DRUTEX has invested more than 200 million zl in the plant extension. The company has enriched with two production halls that are a part of the European Fenestration Centre, covering the area of almost 60,000 m2. It is the biggest investment of this kind in recent years in the industry. As a result, DRUTEX strengthens its market position and records better and better results.

 „The 500 List” is a comprehensive picture of the condition of domestic economy and its leading companies. 

 Such a significant DRUTEX advance in this year edition of the prestigious ranking, reflects our strength and leadership in the market. For years DRUTEX has been number one regarding the number of vertical windows. The great result that we have achieved in this year ranking shows that our strategy works and that we are going in the right direction’’ – says Leszek Gierszewski, the president of DRUTEX S.A.

 „The 500 List" is a prestigious ranking that presents the list of best Polish companies. It is a summary with the longest tradition in Polish press. It is devised basing on criteria such as: sales revenues of the company, operating profit, expenditure on investment and employment. 


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