Trends in window design

In window design passing fads are being replaced by a gradual, stylish makeover. It has been following a clear, „less is more” principle for many years. A trendy window means above all a large glass – profiles are slender, gentle and minimalistic, although a drop of colorful avant-garde is welcome

Trendy minimalism

Clunky, multi-layer windows with thick profiles are a thing of the past. Today, producers do not want windows to disrupt the room aesthetics. Therefore, they propose narrow, elegant profiles that  neatly integrate with the wall. With the reduction of the frame, the glass gained larger surface, letting in as much light as possible. The growing popularity of windows with aluminum profiles is a part of the minimalist trend, suitable for the ultra-modern construction and for interiors inspired by loft style.

Round and round

Window trends include not only generally slender profiles, but also round ones.   What we mean is the gentle finish where the frame and the sash form a coherent, aesthetic whole after closing. Such an attitude is in line with the minimalistic trend where window frames should be just a background for the view. If the wall with the window should stand out, it is not because of the conspicuous frame, but due to window decorations, such as curtains, roller shutters or simple fabric panels.

Anything but white

White color is still the most popular in window woodwork, but it must be noted that nowadays we have a choice of virtually unlimited number of profile colors. Drutex offer includes 43 shades, from minimalistic creamy and grey, through black and  natural color films, to bold green, claret and blue, as well as wood like colors. The colorful profiles allow us to match the window to the façade color, to the interior or both at the same time, because a solution that is taking off is to buy models that have different colors on the outside and on the inside. The colors that are gaining more and more popularity are grey and wood like colors that visually give the wood like effect.  You might opt for windows with colorful profiles especially when designing a child’s room.

Windows to the world

Trendy windows are, above all, large – they used to be in the upper part of the wall, today – preferably from floor to ceiling. One example is Drutex door, IGLO-HS, that constitutes a perfect solution for the trendy terrace and patio large-size glazing. The system is the ideal solution for energy-efficient and passive houses due to  great parameters in thermal insulation. What is more, they ensure a lot of daylight in the room and they facilitate the arrangement , while maintaining stability, functionality and the structure lightness. When planning a house in beautiful surroundings, in a bit isolated lot, it is especially recommended to apply big glazing that  allows to admire the great view and lets in maximum daylight. Such a choice should be determined by the house location – big windows work well in rather dark rooms, whereas installing them in sunny rooms may cause problems on hot days.   If you decide to replace the window with a glass wall it is important to remember about external roller shutters that serve a number of functions. They offer anti-burglary protection, the allow to control sunlight in the room and they serve as thermal regulator, reducing outflow and inflow of the heat into the rooms.

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