Choosing windows for the child’s room

Windows in a child’s room serve a number of functions. They should ensure the right ventilation, protect against low and high temperatures and enable sound sleep thanks to good acoustic insulation. Here are some tips on what to take into account when choosing windows for the room of the youngest family member.  

Safe window to the world

When choosing windows for the child’s room we have to remember about the child’s safety which may depend on the proper opening system. Under no circumstances should the child be able to open it by themselves, with one pull of the handle. If necessary it is possible to install special casement lock, similar to the ones applied in cupboards, so that the child will not open it even when pulling the handle. It is important to equip the widows with handles with a key or a button that prevent the child from opening them. The glass should be safe and shatter-proof even after being hit with a toy, which is ensured by windows with VSG glass with laminated film inside.   

When it comes to safety, it is worth remembering to place windows at height that is out of reach for children.

Ventilation and insulation

The main function of windows in a child’s room is thermoregulation. Closed windows should protect against very cold and hot air, and they should ensure good ventilation when open.  Therefore, a comfortable solution is windows with micro-tilt, that is a small slot, hidden at first glance, which allows free air flow. In Drutex windows it is ensured by micro ventilation in the stay arm slot.

The child will sleep and function better in a well-aired room. The temperature during the day should be about 21-22 degrees Celsius, and at night – no less than 18 degrees. The child’s room ought to be aired with open windows, at least once a day, in the morning or in the evening, when the air is cool, obviously, making sure that the child is out.

The child’s sound sleep

Acoustic insulation is vital when it comes to the baby’s sound sleep. The window should reduce noise efficiently, which is indicated by the Rw coefficient.

The higher it is, the more it protects against sound penetration into the room. High resistance to noise is the characteristic of Iglo Energy windows from Drutex, developed for places with high traffic. Their Rw coefficient amounts to 35 to 46 decibels, depending on the glass package that was applied.

A creative window ‘decoration’

Another issue is the proper window arrangement. Sleep is deep and most valuable when it occurs in complete darkness. However, when one can see lamplight through the window, the baby may have difficulty falling asleep. In such case, the day-night roller shutters are the perfect solution, ensuring darkness after dusk and they let in enough light during the day.  They allow to control light in the room all day round, with the use of a remote control or a tablet. In the blazing sun, they may be switched to the ‘night’ mode and therefore, reduce exposure to sun rays and prevent the increase in temperature.  

Windows in a child’s room should, above all, serve practical functions, but one needs to take into account their aesthetic values. Drutex models are available in 43 color options, just like the day-night roller shutters. As  a result, they match perfectly even the most colorful child’s room.  

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