DRUTEX develops the products’ design!


Since the beginning of January DRUTEX has extended its offer of PVC woodwork and adaptation roller shutters with 10 Renolit film colors and it has introduced the complete color range for door panels in PVC systems.  

In order to satisfy the Clients’ growing expectations all over the world, the company has extended the color range of the Renolit film for PVC woodwork and for adaptation roller shutters to 43 colors and it has implemented the complete color range for PVC door panels. The extra 10 colors (mugo pine, crown Platinum, black grey smooth, light grey, shale, shale grey smooth, pyrite, silver D, silver V) in the already wide color range of film will allow the company to react even faster and with more flexibility to market signals and to offer windows, doors and roller shutters that will further match the design requirements of the Clients.  As a result, they will be able to create elegant and aesthetic designs matching the interior and the external building façade.

The modern window, door and roller shutter collections in one design constitute a vital element of contemporary architectural projects. The high-quality Renolit film applied in DRUTEX products for years, stands out for great surface resistance to  most chemical substances that is also easy to clean. The film color retains constant intensity  throughout its service life in all climate zones. As a result, DRUTEX windows maintain their properties in scorching temperatures in Mexico, as well as in freezing Swedish winters.  At the same time, DRUTEX is the first Polish producer in Poland, and one of the first in Europe, to have applied the modern Renolit Exofol PX film in its products.

 „Drutex has always invested in quality, technological advancement and modern design of its woodwork. We keep perfecting our products, we are devising new technologies, we are launching new solutions on the market. The extended woodwork color range is just another stage of development that responds to the changing market trends and clients’ expectations. We are able to react quickly and with flexibility to market needs and to develop our portfolio because we devise the cutting-edge systems on our own and because we construct machines following our own engineering, basing on our R&D department.  Only recently have we launched the Iglo Light, Iglo -HS system, own solutions for roller shutters and systems for smart woodwork control. And this is just the beginning, since we are taking up new challenges in the new year’’ - says Bogdan Gierszewski, the general manager at DRUTEX S.A.

All the new products have been available at Drutex since January. 

DRUTEX – once again the Amber Cup partner
New Drutex products at the Munich trade fair.

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