DRUTEX receives another award from clients


DRUTEX has been awarded in two prestigious contests. For the fourth consecutive year it has obtained the 2019 Golden Construction Brand in the ‘Elevation Windows’ category. Yet again it was also awarded the Premium Brand High-Reputation Brand title.

Our goal is to provide clients with top-quality products. We also develop our business convinced that the best foundation for success is honesty, reliability and fairness towards all the market participants. We want to be a solid partner for our contractors and a fully trustworthy company for clients and our staff. We are happy that our values are appreciated by others. It is a huge honor for us to be in the narrow group of highly valued companies in two such prestigious contests.  - says Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex.

In the Construction Brand of the Year ranking DRUTEX was awarded the 2019 Champion title. The competition selected the best companies basing on results of professional market research conducted among building contractors between 2014 and 2019. It analyzed brands that have high position in the opinion of their representatives. The ranking has been organized since 2001 by ASM Market Research and Analysis Center that awards titles basing on independent surveys in the competition. The 2019 Champion Title was given exclusively to three brands that scored the highest number of points.

The award ceremony took place on 13 June.

DRUTEX has been also awarded the Premium Brand High-Reputation Brand. Research methodology of brand reputation was developed by the Warsaw University Professor Dominika Maison – an expert in market and social research and a founder of the research agency Maison&Partners. The research covers almost 250 brands and companies in 25 categories of products and services. It has been conducted for 14 years. The measure of brand reputation is carried out among people who know the brand or the company, with the application of tools developed by Prof. Dominika Maison, in 5 key dimensions: trust, credentials, media  image, CSR and good employer. The reputation index is calculated for each brand basing on the obtained results, which range from 1 to 100 points. The Premium Brand High-Reputation Brand title is awarded only if the reputation index amounts to at least 60 points. DRUTEX has obtained 72 points in the Premium Brand Reputation Survey which is developed basing on opinions of over 10 000 respondents.

The ceremony awarding the winners with the prestigious   Premium Brand High-Reputation Brand title took place on 13 June in the Mała Warszawa business center.


Awards and distinctions.

Leszek Gierszewski awarded the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence medal.
Drutex supports the Jakub Błaszczykowski football tournament.

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