Additions for MB-78EI Fire-Doors

Additions for MB-78EI Fire-Doors

Accessories for entrance doors

Knob-handles and hand-rails used for entrance doors stand out for great aesthetic qualities as well as functionality and durability. They give the option to match them with the door and building colors thanks to the various colors.
door handle 35A (stainless steel)door handle 35A (stainless steel)
M2 door rail (brown)M2 door rail (brown)


DRUTEX, with over 25 years of experience in production of composite glass, has a very wide offer of glass that may equip your windows and doors. They fulfill strict requirements regarding energy efficiency and sound insulation. The offer also includes safe, anti-theft, sun screening glass, as well as glass with low transparency. There is also an option to apply polycarbonate and fillings.
33.1 safety33.1 safety
33.2 ("safety") matt film33.2 ("safety") matt film
Antisol blue 6Antisol blue 6
Antisol brown 4Antisol brown 4
Antisol brown 6Antisol brown 6
Antisol green 4Antisol green 4
Antisol green 6Antisol green 6
Antisol grey 6Antisol grey 6
chinchilla white 4chinchilla white 4
Float 4Float 4
Float 6Float 6
Ornament (109) 4Ornament (109) 4
Ornament Delta 4Ornament Delta 4
Ornament Master CarreOrnament Master Carre
Ornament Silvit 4Ornament Silvit 4
ornament - stripes 4ornament - stripes 4
Reflektofloat blue 6Reflektofloat blue 6
Reflektofloat brown 6Reflektofloat brown 6

Sandblasted glass

The possibility of using sandblasted glass allows you to obtain any graphic patterns indicated by the customer - matte shapes on a transparent glass or transparent ones on a matte glass. This is done thanks to the technology that uses a stream of sand under high pressure.