Take spring home


Easter concludes the period of Lent. Families gather at home to celebrate together and to enjoy delicious food. However, Easter is also the time of saying goodbye to the cold season and preparing for summer: we start the general spring cleanup, we say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new, we tidy up the gardens and balconies. A lot of us decorate windows to give spring a warm welcome.  


There are a lot of ways and ideas how to decorate windows – many decorations can be prepared at home with little effort. Children will be happy to unpack Easter presents and contribute creatively to embellish the house.

Wash the windows before you decorate them

Only a clean window can enhance the decorations. This is why it needs to be washed before we decorate it. Adam Leik, the Marketing Director at DRUTEX – the biggest window producer in Europe, recommends traditional methods of window cleaning, rather than aggressive chemicals. It is enough to pour 4 spoonfuls of lemon juice into ca. 3 litres of water. To make windows shiny clean, apart from lemon juice, we may use simple vinegar. If we want to keep windows clean in the changeable April weather with lots of rain, we need to add a few drops of glicerine to water for the impeccable effect of shiny windowpanes.


Easter decorations – light and festal

Unlike Christmas, Easter does not bring about decorations ‘arms race’ among neighbours, necessitating more and more flashy decorations and even brighter, more colourful lights. Easter is more composed. The colourful, light decorations are supposed to attract the first spring sunrays and should be a feast for the eyes. Flower and animal elements placed in the windows will be a perfect solution. They might be hand-made wreaths from colourful paper or suspended constructions. Colourful crockery and flowerpots also create spring mood. We can make flowerpots ourselves gluing colourful flowers or sticking blown eggs. Easter eggs are a must – hand-made and painted. Both as a table decoration and hanging on ribbons in the window – eggs are an indispensable part of Easter, just like Christmas tree at Christmas. Special patterns glued to the windowpane are a perfect decoration. All of it can be framed by net curtains in warm summer colours.  

Have fun with the children

Children's imagination in unlimited. Their ideas for Easter decorations will definitely be surprising. They should be involved in preparation from the very beginning – preparing the blown eggs, painting them, and making decorations – so that they will have fun and enjoy an opportunity to learn. Children often bring ideas and ready decorations from the kindergarten or school. Decorating flowerpots and painting eggs are the favourite theme of arts and crafts at school and kindergarten. However, while enjoying Easter we should bear in mind safety issues. ‘We make sure children don’t use dangerous tools at crafts, and we should care about safety when choosing windows. Handles with a key or a push button prevent windows from opening by a child, and ward off potential danger’, explains Adam Leik from DRUTEX.

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